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You will experience the unparalleled beauty of the Indian jungles and test your spotting skills on this exciting self-drive.
Explore some of India’s most prized fauna and flora, journey through ever-changing habitats and, if luck is on your side,
catch a glimpse of India’s most famous and endangered predator - the Bengal tiger - before reaching
the highest motorable road in the world!

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BEYOND ADVENTURE ACROSS AFRICA – Southern Africa and the route along the Capricorn line exhibits its natural uniqueness paired with exceptionally high lodging standards. You will be guided to remote, hardly accessible areas of the region normally not visited. Namibia will blow away your mind with spectacular coastal views, imposingly high sand dunes and in its amazing wildlife. Angola is a country embossed by decades of civil war, but is finally at peace and going through a dramatic rebirth. Zambia will show you its beauty and the most wonderful waterfall in the world. Southern Africa is a blend of unique habitats, incredible people and a nature spectacle second to none. Botswana is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa, perfect for game drives to spot lions, elephants, antelopes, buffalos, hippos and meerkats. It is a fascinating place, home to well-known landmarks such as the Okavango Delta wetlands, the Kalahari Desert and the Chobe National Park.


You will get to experience the best of these countries through travelling areas not normally open for tourists – from the world’s oldest desert to the greenest forests with its amazing wildlife. All that through the window of your car!


Beyond Adventure is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. Getting from A to B shall become your experience not just transport. We offer you to explore “bucket-list” destinations. All behind the steering wheel of the best suitable vehicle for the challenges.

We dare to motivate you to go where no-one normally goes and we want to exceed your expectations with our one-of-its-kind concepts. We redefine automotive adventures and target via a distinctive teamwork to also extend your network and to create friendships. When joining a Beyond Adventure you will become part of a passionate team and will immediately feel our uniqueness in how we do things. 

Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure was established by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver who is constantly exploring the planet on four wheels. This life-long passion has led to an extensive network. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set World Records in the process.



For us the experience must be distinctive - we supply the best service wherever we go but never lose the flexibility and individual approach. Therefore have we developed an unique Classic Rally-Style Driving Concept for Beyond Adventure, not competing for the fastest time but instead for the most precise timing. This means you drive and navigate by yourself independently. Of course, the support team is always close by and for the most challenging stages, the entire group stays together.



The passion for adventures is deep within our vastly experienced event team. We always aim for the best possible comfort and always ensure you are never alone. In case of an emergency, break down or a simple puncture, there is a solution assisted by the Beyond Adventure team. So, although you drive solitary, you are never alone, even in the most remote areas. On special adventures a Beyond Adventure paramedic is present to ensure premedical assistance in an unlikely emergency. Same goes for vehicle issues if needed a specially trained technician is on site.


For all Beyond Adventures the team always includes a local guide to explain about the area and inform about local habits and traditions, simply to widen your horizon - as Hans Christian Andersen said: “to travel is to live.”


Behind the scenes, a team of travel experts is on alert from start to finish following your progress via GPS tracking for your safety and comfort - always ready to support.


The experience starts already when signing in, from that moment you can always rely on our support. Our adventure starts at the arrival airport. From here all is taken care of all the way to the departure airport. Get ready to explore the world you never knew existed... the extraordinary world!

Let the adventure begin,


  Jan Kalmar

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You arrive in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. It is located in Khomas Highland plateau area at 1,700 metres above sea level. You meet the team at the airport and they will shuttle you to the hotel, where you will have well-deserved rest after a long travel. If you arrive early enough you can explore this modern, well-groomed city and acclimatize to the African continent.


In the evening the welcome briefing and team introduction is followed by Beyond Adventure african-style welcome dinner. Relax and get ready - the Driving Adventure starts tomorrow!






An early start of the day! You get in your car and navigate towards Sossusvlei, probably Namibia’s most spectacular and best-known attraction. Characterized by the highest red dunes in the world surrounding it - Sossusvlei is a large, white, salt and clay pan. Enjoy the magnificent view during a picnic lunch in this adorable area and then make your path on to the desert. You will explore the colourful dunes that reach as high as 325 metres and are part of one of the oldest and driest ecosystems on earth.


Despite the harsh desert conditions in the area, one can find a wide variety of plants and animals that have adapted to survive. Your overnight stay will be in a desert lodge with a clear view of the dunes.


Total KM: 360


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Wake up in the middle of the dunes! For early birds interested in breath-taking views from above, an optional balloon flight is possible to admire one of the world’s most beautiful sunrise. After breakfast prepare for an amazing Mars-like scenery - just a short drive away is Dead Vlei, where you will leave your car and have a walk on the red sand to the top of the dunes. What an incredible landscape!


Your destination of the day is Walvis Bay, the only natural harbour along the country’s coast. Being rich in plankton, the waters draw large numbers of seals and whales! Experience the lodge surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay. Expect to hear the call of jackals at night while they wander around the lodge, listen to the sounds of around 20,000 seals interacting with each other and enjoy the unique location. An evening to remember!

Total KM: 500



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In the morning get ready to conquer high dunes – this time with your cars! Do not let the sand rule you, rule the drive and the sand with the steering wheel of your car. Feel the exceptional environment and enjoy the scenery where not many can drive through. After the challenging driving adventure, you will have lunch in a specially set up desert camp on the edges of the dunes.


This short rest will get you ready for the breath-taking drive along the Atlantic Ocean coast to the famous foggy region with rocky and sandy coastal shallows and rusting shipwrecks - Skeleton coast.


Enjoy the hostile but fascinating area that has long been a graveyard for unwary ships and their crews. Overnight is a unique chalet nestled between the dunes with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Use your chance to explore a raw, rugged and remote slice of the African coastal wilderness.

Total KM: 565



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It’s time for the off-road drive! You will get a special, hardly ever granted, permit to drive across the desert and dunes. Part of the route will be driven in a convoy due to really extreme passages. Experience this astonishing drive through the awesomely enormous and simply charming supreme deserts.


Overnight stay in another unique location - a camp settled in a hidden valley surrounded by range of jagged mountains with a view to Hoanib River where elephant, giraffe, oryx and springbok reside over. Delicious dinner served in the camp will make the experience of this unspoiled corner even more memorable.

Total KM: 140



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.16.38.jpg



If you think you have seen enough of wildlife so far in the valley be aware it is just a threshold to what Africa has to offer. After breakfast we continue our dune-drive towards more tarmac road. The first part of the drive will be driven in a convoy.


After lunch in local restaurant, you continue your drive towards the border of picturesque Etosha National Park, the greatest wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. You will rest in beautiful lodges surrounded by wild nature and prepare for the diverse flora and fauna awaiting tomorrow.

Total KM: 390




Be ready to see four of the Big 5 of Africa! You will have an amazing game drive through the famous Etosha National Park and explore the nature of this fascinating park. Its main characteristic is a salt pan so large it can be seen from space, but the main attraction is, of course, its elite wildlife: lions, leopards, cheetah, elephants, black rhinos, giraffes, zebras and many more. In fact, the park is home to more than 100 species of mammals. And you will experience them in real wildlife conditions!


After a day full of impressions, it is time to relax in the overnight lodge, built in exactly the right spot to witness probably one of the best sunset views in the whole of Namibia – overlooking the beautiful scarceness of the Etosha Pans. 

Total KM: ~ 400



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.16.45.jpg


After breakfast we leave the oasis and head North towards border with Angola. The desertlike views and straight tarmac road may distract your attention and consciousness of the wildlife around you. Do not be mislead. Enjoy the nostalgic views and contemplate the journey through the middle of Africa.


Picnic lunch enjoyed on the road will be a break from the drive. The further North you go, the more green the area becomes as you approach the Hakusembe River. At the end of the winding gravel road your accommodation lodge is nestled at the river banks between large trees surrounded by green lawns. Let the river flow soothe your mind and soul as tomorrow a forgotten land awaits to be conquered. Enjoy the views and delicious dinner made of local produce.

Total KM: 390​



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.16.51.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.16.56.jpg



Today you will drive the Caprivi Strip, a strange, long, narrow extension of Namibia, running about 450 km from the north-east corner of the main block of the country eastwards to the Zambezi River. Which lies on the swampy northern margin of the Kalahari and has a green and beautiful nature to offer with lush forests and rivers.


The history of this strip makes you smile - German Chancellor Leo von Caprivi arranged for the Caprivi strip to be annexed to German South-West Africa in order to give Germany access to the Zambezi River and a route to Africa’s east coast, where the colony of German East Africa was situated. The river later proved unnavigable and inaccessible to the Indian Ocean due to the Victoria Falls. The Caprivi Strip only exists, because someone forgot about the largest waterfall in the world!


Your adventure through this fascinating strip of land will be halved, as you will enter Angola - the country forgotten by tourists but not by true adventurers like you. The Luiana National Park - one of the most beautiful parks in Angola, the private tented camp awaits you for a well deserved rest. Dinner will be served under the stars with sounds of animals as a background music...



Total KM: 442



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DAY 10


Since civil war in Angola has significantly influenced the tourism in the country it can be nowadays claimed as a region to be explored. The wildlife strongly protected by conservatories and locals is to be discovered by you during the game drives in the Luengue-Luiana National Park. It is one of the largest (42.000 km2) and least resourced National Park in Africa, housing six larger mammal species classified as Vulnerable or Endangered. Leopards, cheetahs, giraffes and elephants may be spotted during your drives. Lunch enjoyed in the campsite and an evening game drive is on the menu.

Total KM: 50 



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.08.jpg

DAY 11


After early breakfast you go back on the road. Driving along the Cuando River will sweeten the route out of the beautiful Angola. Enjoy the views and seek wild animals as for sure you will see some more than yesterday. A unique border crossing will bring you back to Namibia and the Caprivi Strip. Take the last kilometers of the forgotten land towards one of the miracles of the world - the Victoria Falls.


As you had a long day behind the steering wheel of your adventure car, take a time to relax in the hotel’s facilities and prepare for tomorrow experiences. There is till so much to explore...

Total KM: 483



DAY 12


Wake up to the sight of zebras wandering the hotel grounds with the spray of the Victoria Falls in the background. After long driving days, today you leave your cars at the hotel and it is time to relax and go on a beautiful sightseeing tour. You will walk the route of David Livingstone, who set his eyes on the Victoria Falls waterfall and the entire area.

The legendary waterfall offers breath-taking views that are almost too spectacular and majestic to describe. It is the world’s most massive curtain of falling water and it is twice the width and height of Niagara Falls. You will be guided as close
you dare to go.

Total KM: 0-50


Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.14.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.19.jpg

DAY 13


It is time to get back into your car! You leave Victoria Falls and Livingstone and go on a ferry or rather a barge ride to do that. You will cross the border to Zambia while crossing the Zambezi river at the same time and enjoy lunch during that. Later on, you reach Kazangula – a very unique spot, where the corners of four countries meet – Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. You can actually be in all the countries at the same time!


In the afternoon you will reach the overnight lodge at the Chobe River. But before settling down in the lodge you will be able to choose to go on a game drive exploring the native wildlife or you can relax in the lodge and enjoy the spectacular views nature has to offer.

Total KM: 181



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.29.jpg

DAY 14


Wake up in the middle of nature! Today you will again explore the wilderness of Chobe National park while going on a special safari drive. You will have a chance to see 100’s of buffalos, lions, elephants, antelopes and large pods of hippos wallowing in the shallows of the River Chobe. You will not need binoculars as here wildlife comes very close... sometimes even too close.


The day ends in the middle of the Chobe National Park surrounded by huge herds of wildlife. 

Total KM: 170



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.35.jpg

DAY 15


Today is the day of contrasts! Starting the day in the Okavango Delta wetlands you will once again explore this flooded area attracting an unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy this amazing view from the comfort of your car. This is the once-in-a-lifetime experience only offered by the extraordinary world of Africa. Only a few hours drive later you are in the extremely dry and dusty pans.


Overnight stay is in the amazing and exceptional San Camp - extremely romantic and postcard view place on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Pans. Total KM: 439



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.41.jpg

DAY 16


Safari also means early start! It is possible to go on a very special Meerkat safari, as this area was made widely known by the famous BBC Meerkat documentaries.


Now it is time for the real endeavour as you steer your car directly onto the Makgadikgadi Pans with the direction of Kubu Island located on the far southern end of the pans, meaning you have to navigate across what only a few years ago was never crossed in a car. Before drying out, Makgadikgadi was the largest inland lake in Africa. It is like crossing an ocean in a car driving from one island to the next one. Some islands are covered with baobabs trees mysteriously slashing the curved horizon.


Return to the camp from Kubu Island. The Classic Rally results will be announced and celebrated at our well-deserved farewell dinner. It is the time to say “see you next time” to all the similar-minded adventurers, whom you have shared this unique experience with.

Total KM: 240



Screenshot 2020-05-13 11.17.47.png

DAY 17


Wake up in the oasis of San Camp and get ready for your departure. After breakfast, you will be shuttled to Maun Airport, from where you will start your travel home.



 • Wild life and nature

 • Smiling people

 • Continent of contrasts

 • Rough roads


 • Where western toilets are around every corner

 • The continent of perfect, fast and straight roads

 • GSM covered to 100%

 • A place with easy and fast boarder crossings




17 days (15 driving days) | ~ 4,915 KM 



Rental 4x4 SUV 



Price upon request. 


 • Beyond Adventure with great food and best available accommodation 

 • Local guiding 

 • Shuttles from and to airport 

 • Classic rally organization 

 • All non-alcoholic drinks 

 • GSM / Satellite data connection 


 * Excluding flights to Windhoek International Airport International and from Maun Domestic Airport
to and from your home destination. 


Group Size: Min. 8 - max. 10 participants. More waves possible if needed to cover demand. Information correct at time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at or call: +370 680 234 06 (also available on WhatsApp). 

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