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Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure offers automotive manufacturers and others individual, industry trendsetting benchmark events for exclusive groups. Concepts where good value for money is a given, but the price level is at the absolute top end. The main selling point is the uniqueness. Events will leave customers with a pioneering spirit and allow them to experience once in a lifetime events money can’t buy. Especially as they will discover places off the beaten path and destinations that individual travellers usually do not explore.


The portfolio of Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure includes to create unique concepts, conduct location checks via a vast international network, develop locations, book all hotels and activities. Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure is ready to handle sales tasks – a marketing and sales team is at hand, therefore, offering the creation and execution of marketing plans and offering customers a concierge-style service. Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure can supply all staff needed for events, preparation and execution. Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure will take responsibilities, as well as share commercial risks. At the same time, is motivated to be a part of absolute benchmark experiences.
The experiences of Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure from previous successfully executed events are sufficient and the results were highly appreciated by happy and satisfied customers.













An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky,
undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling,
exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports.

With Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure you can rest assured that your adventure is taken care of professionally.
Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure is a pure desire to explore the world, a true passion for adventures and it benefits
from a vast experience within the team. Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure redefines exclusive adventures on four
wheels. Cars and the experiences on every journey – on road and off road – are the center of every 


Below you can find a very brief description of experiences invented, developed and fully executed by

the team behind Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure.


Porsche World Expedition

The benchmark event for car manufacturers - the Porsche World Expedition - was fully developed
and executed. Two years of preparation resulted in two unprecedented and

thrilling expeditions which took place in Australia and Europe.

Porsche Performance Drive

An exciting driving tour for Porsche, where 14 teams travelled thousands of kilometers with a Porsche Cayenne S. Rough terrain, 
off-road tracks, breath taking landscapes - all this was present. 


The series of events took place from 2012 to 2014 driving through Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Hungary and many other countries.


Sales Academy
Porsche Central and Eastern Europe

To fill in the gap between product training and sales training, the team developed a special training program for sales and after sales staff that helped to cover topics not included in other trainings. 
A perfect combination of driving exercises and theoretical courses made the program interesting and diverse.

50th Anniversary of 911
Porsche Central and Eastern Europe

With the Le Mans spirit in mind Jan Kalmar and his team created an event with the best of everything Porsche has on offer. Brand ambassadors, drivers, media and officials came together to live the spirit of one of the greatest races on earth. Guests had the chance to drive thoroughbred race cars -
 participating in an endurance race and being involved in pit stop tasks such as refueling and tire 

Porsche Driving Experience location Levi 2014 -2023, Location development and partial owner of locations

For many years Jan Kalmar and his team have been developing excellent driving programs and locations for winter driving experiences including the full development of the largest winter driving facilities in Levi for Porsche Experience.


Porsche Location Search Area X

In the quest to fulfill the increasing demand for more exciting and more demanding experiences Porsche was looking for an additional location for winter driving events. In cooperation with the sister company Lapland Driving, the new Area X was created in Levi - a top of the line driving facility.


Porsche Experience Center

Istanbul Park Development

Istanbul Park was the perfect location for a permanent dynamic driving venue. After years of moving from one race track to the other to host dynamic driving experiences, it was decided to establish the experience center at Istanbul Park. The new facilities have proven to be the perfect spot for the markets of the region. After the concept development, the area was handed over to Porsche Central and Eastern Europe.

Skoda on Ice

The team behind Jan Kalmar supplied consultancy services and the key personnel for the driving part of the Snow and Ice press event Skoda was hosting to present its model program of all-wheel-drive cars.



· Agency: Owner-managed company
· Founded: 2007 in Denmark by Jan Kalmar
· Operation: International team of full-time employees and freelancers

Core Competences:
Automotive events, Adventure Travel Concepts, Travel, Logistics, Motorsport, Communications