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Join the highest driving adventures of the world!
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 The world is wide open for all adventurers, but there are places on Earth with limited access. Most believe the Himalayan area is one of those places, especially if you want to explore them by car. We want to show you different! 

It is time to prove that the majestic landscape of the highest mountains can be reached by car enthusiasts on amazing driving adventures. A pure source of inspiration for all joining. To be able to offer such special adventures into the some-what isolated Himalayan region, we are proud to announce our partnership: 


mountains offroad hills himalaya adventure
mountains offroad hills himalaya adventure

 As exciting driving adventures require the best local knowledge and insights we have joined forces in the Himalaya region with Dharma Adventures Bhutan which has a unique position in the regional high-end travel industry. It was an easy decision as our common way of doing things are very alike and demand perfection. Now thanks to our newly established cooperation we are ready to not only meet your expectations but exceed them in all regards.  

It is time for the highest roads in the worldmountain passes  that take your breath away, off the beaten track on gravel roads you will never forget


Experience your Driving Adventure throughout the region in specially selected 4x4 SUVs.  ”Climb the world with Beyond Adventure Himalaya” - join our unique new set of adventures in this stunning landscape mixed with incredible cultural and religious diversity and paired with a one-of-a-kind accommodation and service - some in the shadow of eight-thousanders, the highest mountains in the world. 

The cooperation covers the region of India, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar, Bhutan and all the exotic kingdoms in the area.

As always we start out on a high!  

mountains offroad hills himalaya adventure
mountains offroad hills himalaya adventure
8 days (3 driving days) | ~400 KM


A spiritual drive in the Himalayas!


Discover the country using backroads to untouched villages while enjoying the most beautiful sights. Let yourself be surprised and expect the unexpected.  

This is Bhutan, the secret Shangri La or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon, the best-kept secret in the travel industry.


12 days (1 driving days) | ~ 1,605 KM


Tigers and the highest road in the world!


India is a land of diversity and you will explore the varieties of this great country at first hand from "your" car. From the 20-million population mega-city Delhi with its clash of historic and modern culture all the way to the lush forests, vast country land and the highest motorable road in the world!