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Unlimited passion for cars - The KALMAR fleet


Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary, custom-made vehicles.

All KALMAR cars have stories to tell – as do their drivers.


Beyond Adventure provides the opportunity to explore this amazing planet and go further than others dare, while simultaneously treating the natural environment with the utmost respect. The adventures cross deserts, mountains, jungles and even frozen lakes on unforgettable driving experiences.


Beyond Adventure owns and maintains the custom-made KALMAR Adventure fleet, which consists of the following models:



Re-engineered for use in challenging environments, these iconic manual sports cars offer an abundant heritage feel and are backed up with modern safety systems. Weight reduction, improved handling, a roll cage, air conditioning, sports seats, and strengthened underbody protection ensure participants can confidently push the limits of what they think is possible on a driving adventure.  SEE MORE >



The specialist KALMAR CS SUVs are built for unsurpassed off-road performance and thrilling overland driving. Full underbody and front protection, mud-terrain tires, and lifted suspension all contribute here, while a luxurious interior that includes a fridge makes traversing challenging terrain unexpectedly comfortable. SEE MORE >


How about a fully customized KALMAR car for the next Beyond Adventure experience?

Beyond Adventure’s sister company, KALMAR Automotive, exists to deliver individual car conversions to cherish, enjoy and use. Its philosophy is not mass production but reinvigorating existing vehicles with a sustainable mindset to be bespoke to each customer. Each build is said to be like a signature – only replicated by its owner – and therefore every car is completely different. 


When creating a bespoke car with KALMAR Automotive, the owner and car are automatically welcome back to use it for any Beyond Adventure experience, and the team will happily service and maintain the car. This will of course be in between taking it on its own adventurous drives.

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