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Small but mighty

Ground clearance




A sporty alternative for an off-road vehicle breaking new ground.

While the KALMAR RS designation remains short for Rally Special, the C isn’t for challenge, but for Cayman. Opening a whole new territory, the third drive-concept for the KALMAR Adventure Range is based on the mid-engined 987 platform. A brand-new car was born, combining decades of experience and knowledge of creating adventure-ready sports cars for exploring, off-road driving, including traversing on mountain ranges or racing on snow and frozen lakes. The result, the new RS-C, using the 987-series Cayman as an entry-level starting point, is nothing short of mind blowing. The agility and performance are said to be almost redefining. Weighing in from 1360 kg ready-to-go (Cayman R) including a full tank of fuel, the RS-C in this format can be optioned with a six-speed manual or a double-clutch PDK option.

Using the acclaimed KALMAR RS as a benchmark, the RS-C, much like the cars that create the previous line-up, are built to be a sporty alternative for an off-road car that can tackle most terrains. Kalmar engineers identified a good proportion of carry over parts from the 911 to allow progress to be fast and successful. The near perfect weight balance from the mid-engined layout results in a car that has enough weight in the rear for traction, yet the extra weight on the front to allow a super-fast reactive steering feel and handling, even on pure ice.

Owning a vehicle from KALMAR Automotive means that they are engineered for driving, especially the Adventure Range cars, which are made for lengthy off-grid adventures. It’s here where the two luggage compartments come in as an extra bonus. With the ethos to make the adventurous off-road driving available for even more passionate drivers, the main motivation of creating the perfect car that would suit every automotive-enthused adventurer was always the driving force. Today, the KALMAR RS-C is more than ready to explore where no other mid-engined car has been before.

Using its engineering expertise and intrinsic partners, the end result is a bespoke package that uses best-of-the-best components to convert the 987 Cayman to a vehicle capable of exploring extreme environments yet also performing as a durable hobby rally car. As with every KALMAR Automotive Adventure Range vehicle, the KALMAR RS-C conversion and specification is adapted for the exact wishes from the owner, completely individualised. With infinite options available, and the 911 parts crossover, only the client’s imagination limits what the KALMAR RS-C can be.

Able to take on any terrain and challenges ahead, the KALMAR RS-C is based on the Porsche Cayman (987) and can be created in left- or right-hand-drive, manual, tiptronic or even PDK.

The Exterior

The longer wheelbase and thereby shorter body overhang of the KALMAR RS-C not only gives the car great presence but also offers increased usability on difficult terrains. Tackling adventures no other mid-engined sports car would dare, the exterior shows that the RS-C means business. With a handmade, rear-fitted spare wheel and jerrycan holder on the roof, the finishing rally-ready flourish is completed with the roof-mounted LED light bar allowing drivers to explore and see better at night-time. All aspects of the exterior have deliberate design or performance benefits to enhance functionalities to meet the client’s idea of perfection.

Built with purpose, complete underbody protection with additional protection for the front mounted watercoolers makes almost every obstacle possible to conquer, too. The optional cross towbar design adds further protection and is another, stronger tow point to use when stuck.

As the donor Porsche Cayman 987-generation is significantly younger than other air-cooled models, build time is reduced as there’s less of a need for a full restoration. However, KALMAR Automotive can complete a full restoration if the client wishes. Like with the restoration option, there are a number of options the client can choose from the standard and optional specification list. The standard rally-style features include a higher ground clearance for the most uncharted journeys, accomplished through a combination of larger off-road tyres, exclusive KALMAR Automotive shock absorbers and spaced subframes.

The entire appearance is finished off with a livery created together with the customer, to ensure that this car really stands out from the masses.

The Interior

The arrival of the KALMAR RS-C also welcomes the double luggage compartment that offers significantly more space than any 911 – vital for when the car is used for long overland drives.

With distinctive features available for each individual KALMAR RS-C, it starts by realising the true meaning behind the RS-C – light weight, poised for fast reaction and durability when used for endurance travelling. KALMAR Automotive’s Adventure Range “if it is not needed – let’s remove it” philosophy prevails, and the result is a durable yet minimal lightweight interior that is also comfortable, with a hint-of-adventure luxury. Each cabin comes equipped with the same Recaro sports seats as in the previous RS, including the as-standard rear roll protection bar that is added for extra safety. This quest for lightness includes the removal of all noise insulation and other comfort items, like the Hi-Fi system for example, which further enhances the atmosphere of a raw cockpit, allowing occupants to hear the roar of the engine, generating an authentic race experience in every way possible.

The engineers can offer a further weight reduction package, which sees the removal of the air-conditioning system, airbags etc., if necessary, especially if next-level rallying is the goal. Further rally-specific competition equipment such as a full roll cage, a fly-off handbrake and trip-master timing systems are also available and can be included if required.

The Technical Specifications

The bespoke build process of the KALMAR Adventure programme is not just about looking tough, all upgrades have been chosen with rallying in mind.

Each car retains its original Porsche flat-six engine, starting with 300 hp as standard with a range of tuning levels to choose from, depending on the end wish of the customer for the car. The drivetrain conversion includes a limited-slip differential, which ensures traction across all surfaces.

Where the majority of clients will notice the difference is with the bespoke lifted suspension. Raising the height of eight centimetres has resulted in a total ground clearance of 20 centimetres, close to a standard Porsche Cayenne. This has been achieved with bespoke adjustable, significantly strengthened, rally-inspired, upside-down shock absorber set-up, subframe drops and specially-engineered top mounts. An enhanced strut brace has also been implemented to distribute high loads in the front suspension, too. An optional adaptive shock absorber upgrade is available where the valving is continuously monitored and adjusted according to the surface and jaw pitch, and body roll is controlled electronically.

Due to the bespoke nature of the suspension kit, all bushes will be replaced to ensure durability, and at the same time the driveshafts are upgraded to ensure they can cope with higher-than-OEM angles. The engineering team will also supply each customer with a softer spring set-up and a detachable anti-roll bar, allowing the RS-C to explore any terrain, purpose-built for every customer’s wildest automotive exploration journey.

This is then finished off with the unique, lightweight, narrower-than-standard alloys that are paired up with the all-terrain or the World Rally Championship-style spiked winter tyres, which never fail to impress drivers.


With unlimited option combinations for each KALMAR Adventure Range vehicle, every customer commission is fully bespoke and comes with a personal process to build a dream car by hand. There’s no configurator, there’s not even a ‘no’ in KALMAR Automotive’s vocabulary, just a passion to create adventure-ready cars to explore with and have fun in.

  • Various engine power upgrades
  • Adaptive shock absorber version
  • Race seats
  • Full roll cage
  • Full car restoration
  • Rally-specification fly-off handbrake
  • Trip-master timing systems
  • Additional protection crossmember front and rear

Standard Equipment

  • Full underbody protection and cross towbar
  • Six-speed gearbox with LSD
  • Rear roll cage
  • Lightweight seats and interior options
  • Roof mounted spare wheel / jerry can holder
  • Roof mounted LED light bar
  • Bespoke lifted suspension
  • Narrow, 16-inch lightweight alloys and all-terrain tyres