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Spirit of Speed Fleet


Unlimited Passion for Cars - The Spirit of Speed Fleet

With Spirit of Speed you now get the chance to push a wide selection of rally prepared KALMAR RS to their limits. Our powerful air-cooled 911 classics and water-cooled 911 young timers all have manual transmission, but we have an addition of the modern mid-engined sport version of the perfectly balanced Cayman R with the lighting fast PDK gearbox.


A light tough hardcore gravel car best in the hardest conditions – but not the most comfortable car, some years since it left the factory new, and not restored to concours condition but a real tool. Air-condition works when we start…5-6 speed manual transmission. 1300 kg ready to go and 260-290 Hp.


A more comfortable version of the KALMAR RS with a water-cooled engine. Good on the long straight roads for sure. Significantly more complexed than the RS but has more to offer when treated gently. 6 speed manual transmission. 1425 kg ready to go and 300 Hp.


The new kid on the block and holding 2 luggage compartments but no fridge! Most comfortable sportscar in the fleet with the PDK gearbox and most modern of the all the sportscars. Fast and agile but some fragility to be considered. PDK transmission. 1400 kg ready to go and 326 Hp.

Huge developments have gone into the special suspension so there is a perfect balance with the real World Rally Championship (WRC) tires that adds a whole new dimension to the experience – this is not just a standard road tire with slightly longer spikes. These are the exact works WRC tires which won the Swedish WRC Winter Rally! Yes, we have access to the works tires so we can offer you the best winter rally tire ever produced. Tires are 105 to 135 mm narrow, each fitted with tungsten-tipped metal spikes that protrude from the tread by between 6 and 7 millimeters. 384 studs in total! The result is lap times and control superior to any tire offered at other training. Why settle for anything less than the best?

You will have your personal car instructor with you throughout the entire event to ensure everything is suited to you, and you will have the chance to try a wide variety of the famous Porsche engine and drive concepts. Rear wheel drive, rear engine, as well as all-wheel drive, and even the nimble and fast reacting mid-engined Cayman R that is sure to surprise everyone behind the steering wheel.

When you sign in, let us know if there is a car you prefer, then all efforts will be made to meet your special desire, but it is not until you master all the concepts that you can be crowned a real “ice professor”.

With Spirit of Speed Arctic you will experience real World Rally Championship tires!