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Beyond Adventure Fleet


Unlimited Passion for Cars - The Beyond Adventure Fleet

Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary, custom-made vehicles. All KALMAR cars have stories to tell – as do their drivers.

Beyond Adventure provides the opportunity to explore this amazing planet and go further than others dare, while simultaneously treating the natural environment with the utmost respect. The adventures cross deserts, mountains, jungles and even frozen lakes on unforgettable driving experiences.

Beyond Adventure owns and maintains the custom-made Beyond Adventure fleet, which consists of KALMAR RS and KALMAR CS models.


A light tough hardcore gravel car best in the hardest conditions – but not the most comfortable car, some years since it left the factory new, and not restored to concours condition but a real tool. Air-condition works when we start…5-6 speed manual transmission. 1300 kg ready to go and 260-290 Hp.


A more comfortable version of the KALMAR RS with a water-cooled engine. Good on the long straight roads for sure. Significantly more complexed than the RS but has more to offer when treated gently. 6 speed manual transmission. 1425 kg ready to go and 300 Hp.


The new kid on the block and holding 2 luggage compartments but no fridge! Most comfortable sportscar in the fleet with the PDK gearbox and most modern of the all the sportscars. Fast and agile but some fragility to be considered. PDK transmission. 1400 kg ready to go and 326 Hp.


The most comfortable car of all the selection. Might turn less heads but feels like a magic carpet ride. Nice cool working air-conditions all the way.


The most off-road capable car of the fleet, huge weight reduction from sport seats and removal of a lot of comfort gear means this car is not the ordinary SUV. Low range and differential locks mean all is possible with this car.