The ultimate winter rally experience every car enthusiast
should allow themselves.
Conducted with the greatest perfection and a focus on high performance and rally skills development
for those interested, but due to the very small group also suitable for beginners. 
And be assured that these experiences are never short of
fun and entertainment.

An excitement you simply cannot get enough of.

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The fundamental idea of MG Winter Experience is to offer something not found elsewhere. If you wish, then you will be prepared for a real rally with competition, timings, rally rules and orders. We offer a tailor-made program, ranging from
a beginners level for those who want to experience driving on snow and ice, to pushing the limits with the highest performance training.


MG Winter Experience gives you the opportunity to push yourself and your skills to the limit and spend maximum time behind the steering wheel of fully equipped and pure rally cars with rally tires.




More information to follow soon.







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It is not just a training to show "how to", we offer the entire package. All driving is with full World Rally Championship tires that give second to none grip levels, compared to standard or even special event tires. We can offer a 100% real rally experience with driver-to-driver competition, during which you will experience and acknowledge the know-how to win a rally stage. Night driving, self-navigating between stages and pace notes are just a few of the skills required.  It is not mandatory to join the rally, you can also just enjoy the cars and gain some more ice experience.​