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Covid-19 Does Not Stop Us!

A whole set of adrenaline on ice and snow with maximum safety.



No one expected that this newsletter was needed by now, but with the current global Covid-19 developments I feel unfortunate that it still is needed. The international travel and event industry is not the best place to be in currently, but the entire Beyond Adventure team’s unlimited passion for extraordinary driving experiences still remains stronger than the impact of the Corona virus.

Fortunately, the Beyond Adventure set-up is based on a small flexible organization, which means we will be here when the world “re-opens” and be able to deliver unique experiences to all who surely by then are so ready to get out of home office, self-isolation and quarantine demands.

Despite the current developments we still keep all doors open, our concepts with small groups is

a clear advantage compared to other market players who run with much larger groups. We are currently working on implementing a “bubble” concept in our events starting with our rapidly approaching Spirit of Speed Arctic experience. Guests and team will create a sealed “bubble”

to avoid contact with more people than needed. With our chalet-style accommodation and individual approach with 1 instructor per car we already by now have a much better set-up compared to other offers out there. Together with the Finnish authorities, we are finalizing the last details as we are convinced that the risks of getting infected 200 km north of the Arctic circle are possibly the smallest worldwide. It will also mean that all participants must present a fresh negative Covid-19 test result to “enter” the bubble - this applies also to the entire team including the catering team. We will be “isolated” from the rest of the world but you will be able to enjoy the best driving experience on the planet!

In addition, we are also working on offering a charter flight option from selected locations in Europe.

We know that the developments happen fast and that we need to adapt to the situation on a day by day basis, therefore we remain with very flexible and free cancellation possibilitiesat least up until December 1 st, 2020.  

To keep it short, we do all possible for you to be able to join this experience if at all possible – always remaining safe!

• Arctic Control: January 11-14, 2021

• Arctic Control: January 13-16, 2021

• Arctic Race: January 15-18, 2021

Yours sincerely,

Jan Kalmar   

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