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Discover The DNA Of Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure!

Updated: May 21, 2020

The heart of Beyond Adventure OÜ originates from Jan Kalmar - a Danish car enthusiast - adventurer with a lifelong passion for everything involving four wheels. The DNA of Beyond Adventure as he is the person behind all the adventures and also often the person in front of you during our adventures.

Jan’s story is just as unique as our Adventures are… His hunger for speed, action and traveling started almost simultaneously. Jan started exploring the world on his own at the age of 14 with his first solo trip to Australia and since has visited more than 110 countries. The passion for Motorsport started as a mechanic in the rally sport but took a turn to the race tracks when his physics teacher “dragged” him to F1 Grand Prix in Spa. It did not take a long time before he started racing himself, but as he could not afford to buy a car and typical for him, he built one himself and it resulted in several national championships... This is surely not the normal way to enter the racing world, but “normal” is not one of Jan's favorite words! Long-distance racing is surely his favorite, so the aim soon became 24H races where a podium came on his Racing CV too. One thing led to the next and suddenly he was managing and owning a Le Mans 24H team and with the entire team put the car on the podium - this in the first attempt and possibly as the youngest team manager ever! Jan always strives for the best – and only the best is good enough.

For many years Jan worked as a driving instructor worldwide. He was contracted to re-invent Porsche AG Winter Driving Experience and like always he did not like to follow others' footsteps - as it makes it impossible to overtake! A new location was found and he concepted a swamp area to become the world's largest winter driving facility! Since then multiple times his expertise has been used by many car manufacturers in developing dynamic driving programs but also adventure drives as for instance the Porsche World Expedition. After having spent more than 10 years on race tracks, it was time to look for new adventures. As the global overland and off-road movement was gaining momentum, he decided to create overland adventures. "The Longest Drive" was born in 2011 and in 2015 Jan set the current World Record driving non-stop the 15.000 km from Nordkap to South Africa in less than 9 days!! A record that is still standing… Jan is always very dedicated to his goals – if he is told something is impossible - he will make it possible!

"The Longest Drive" project was the catalyst towards what is today called Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure and led to our motto "we start - where the others stop" which has become the main driver behind the entire team! Here we use Jan’s unique skillset to create extraordinary adventures – no matter if crossing a desert with customers normally only possible by a specialist. Or having to fix a broken car or tackle situations that to others seems impossible. Jan’s ability to balance adventure - safety - luxury is what makes our company unique and your experience with us unforgettable!

This is a short version of Jan, who's passion, global network and fighting spirit enable us to develop outstanding driving adventures that are planned to the last detail, yet are still widely adventurous and definitely incomparable to anything else. If this is what you are looking for then you are at the right place!

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