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Introducing Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure!

The first 6 months of active Beyond Adventure has left me delighted with the acknowledgement and the number of sign-ins. But everything can be improved and we will never stop to explore the potential.

Beyond Adventures are unique in the way they are selected, planned and executed and aim to be non-comparable. Our highly valued customers have noticed the passion of how we do things, how customers and staff become one team and how we push the boundaries of driving adventure. All unmistakably with the signature of quality and uniqueness attached to it.

It is time to show that I personally stand behind the projects and no more hiding behind a generic company name or big corporate companies! Therefore, and thanks to our supporting customers that have “demanded” to do so – We are who we are so please welcome our new company name - JAN KALMAR BEYOND ADVENTURE. Simply to make it clear what you sign in for! I prefer extraordinary over ordinary and personally guarantee you this in all aspects!

This would of course not be possible with the ever-growing team behind all the adventures.

Best regards, Jan Kalmar

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