The wonders of South America set the stage for incredible endeavours. This vastly under-explored continent was
once home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. With its historical ancestry, South America has charm, beauty
and elegance unparalleled, and is simply begging to be explored. And the continent’s sheer geographical
scale and diversity is striking and for sure worth to see and explore.

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BEYOND ADVENTURE HIMALAYA - SOUTH AMERICA – The home of the world’s oldest civilizations which mysteriously disappeared, welcomes you to reveal its sacred places. The diversity of landscapes and geographical altitude will astonish you all the way. Rainforests, deserts, coastal areas - this will be yours to explore. The mysterious Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca waits to embrace you with its heritage.


Your journey starts in Peru and within a few days you will reach Bolivia and the amazing Salt Pans - the place where not many get the chance to drive on their own. However, this is an adventure and it is far from ordinary. As a finish line, coastal Chile is waiting. But before you reach the Pacific Ocean, you need to cross the Andes, and the Atacama desert - so dry that not even bacteria can live there.


Like the route is not already unique, experience this self-drive adventure in South America’s most remote territories in our exceptional Porsche Cayenne Beyond Adventure Edition or rental 4x4 SUVs.


Beyond Adventure is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. Getting from A to B shall become your experience not just transport. We offer you the opportunity to explore some of your “bucket-list” destinations. All behind the steering wheel of the best suitable vehicle for the challenge.


We dare to motivate you to go where no-one normally goes and we want to exceed your expectations with our one-of-its-kind concepts. We redefine automotive adventures and target via a distinctive teamwork to also extend your network and to create friendships. With joining Beyond Adventure you will become part of a passionate team and will immediately feel our uniqueness in how we do things.


Beyond Adventure was established by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver who is constantly exploring the planet on four wheels. This lifelong passion has led to an extensive network. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set World Records in the process.



For us the experience must be distinctive - we supply the best service wherever we go but never lose the flexibility and individual approach. Therefore have we developed an unique Classic Rally-Style Driving Concept for Beyond Adventure, not competing for the fastest time but instead for the most precise timing. This means you drive and navigate by yourself independently. Of course, the support team is always close by and for the most challenging stages, the entire group stays together.



The passion for adventures is deep within our vastly experienced Beyond Adventure team. We will ensure the best possible comfort and always make sure you never feel alone. In case of an emergency, break down or a simple puncture, there will be a solution assisted by the Beyond Adventure team. So, although you drive solitary, you are never alone, even in the most remote areas. On special adventures a Beyond Adventure paramedic is present to ensure premedical assistance in an unlikely emergency. Same goes for vehicle issues if needed a specially trained technician is on site.


For all Beyond Adventures the team always includes a local guide to explain about the area and inform about local habits and traditions, simply to widen your horizon - as Hans Christian Andersen said: “to travel is to live.” 

Behind the scenes, a team of travel experts is on stand-by from start to finish following you via GPS tracking for your safety and comfort - always ready to support.


The experience starts already when signing in, from that moment on you may always rely on our experience to assist you with all aspects of the entire project. Surely most wishes can be sorted.


The true adventure starts at the arrival airport. From here all is taken care of all the way to the departure airport - get ready to explore the world you never knew existed... the extraordinary world!

Let the  adventure begin,


Jan Kalmar

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The day arriving in the historical sprawling metropolis of Lima, is an adventure itself. An early arrival is recommended and after landing, you are shuttled from Lima airport to your comfortable hotel. Following a short welcome, you will have time to adapt to the time and speed of South America.


A detailed briefing together with an introduction to the cars and navigation systems will take place. Enjoy the welcome dinner in one of the best restaurants in the world. Tomorrow the real adventure begins!



Hotel at 72m a.s.l.



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Leaving Lima with its almost 12 million inhabitants can be a challenge itself, so we start early before rush-hour. As soon as you steer your car onto the Pan-American Highway and head south towards the Nazca desert, you will understand how this vibrant city has risen from the dust. A relaxing tarmac drive, along the spectacular coastline. Lunch at the Pacific Ocean before the “challenges” starts. The technical team will do the final adjustments to the cars before the desert drive begins.


After lunch the adventure shifts directly into overdrive as we jointly head towards our camp in the Nazca desert like the Dakar Rally has done for years now. The camp nestled at the foot of the dunes. Today will not be “a walk in the park” as we clearly exceed what the cars are made for. The reward of the hard work is a relaxed dinner served right at the Pacific Coast, where you listen to local tales and legends around the campfire – just perfect before an early night beneath the stars. 


Total KM: 341
Beyond Adventure Camp at 13m a.s.l.

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We put this challenge early in the adventure, where you are still fit and ready to work hard to get out on the other end. You might feel you have landed on the moon as you wake up in the dunes. You should certainly make the most out of this unique environment and spy sea-lions and maritime birds. After lunch, you leave the desert behind you, as you return to the Pan- American Highway where the average speed is set to increase. Break up your dusty drive with an overnight stay at the village of Nazca at an authentic hacienda – your last stop before climbing over the Andes. Take a deep breath...

Total KM: 217

Hotel at 635m a.s.l.




The day starts with a quick flight to see the mysterious Nazca lines from above. Trapezoids, rectangles, swirls, a hummingbird, a spider – it’s impossible not to wonder who formed them and what purpose these enormous designs serve! After lunch, the real climb starts with passes over 4,000 meters above sea level. Challenge yourself and your car with a winding route filled with hundreds of hairpins and plenty of native wildlife. In the evening, make your way to an local riverside hotel. Here we will get an insight into the cooking traditions of the Andes.




Total KM: 362

Hotel at 2658m a.s.l. 


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“Rally” your way to a newly discovered Inca site where you enjoy lunch. Now the first real gravel roads start. We set an easy pace today for all to get adapted. As you approach the Sacred Valley, you can sense the spirit of the ancient dynasty. Your hotel is a tranquil Andean hideaway where the Urubamba River welcomes you with a view of picturesque snow-covered mountain peaks. But to get there you need to challenge a narrow hanging bridge...

Total KM: 310

Hotel at 2865m a.s.l. 




The fit and early birds can explore the nearby Inca salt terraces. Then it is time for a full-day devoted to the magic and mystery of Machu Picchu. The train that stops at our hotel will take you to the base while you enjoy the lunch. The last part of the way you will take with a private bus with a guide ready to present this ancient wonder of the world. Located 2,430 meters above sea level, this majestic city ruins will literally take your breath away. When all are done with sightseeing, take the train back to hotel and enjoy the dinner on board.

Total KM: 0 

Hotel at 2865m a.s.l. 




Leave the Sacred Valley to drive up to the lofty plains of Altiplano. Both you and the car will struggle for air. Although the route is somewhat less twisty, the views are just as magnificent. Enjoy your lunch at an authentic lunch spot at over 4,000 meters altitude from where you can watch the extraordinary world below. Carry on to the special overnight location close to the condors ruling in this area.



Total KM: 496

Hotel at 3338m a.s.l.




We need an early start or at least those who want to see the condors. We go back to hotel for brunch and then it is time to hit traffic - yes today you will meet the first traffic since we left Lima behind us. The next stop: Lake Titicaca, and it is huge - in fact, it is the largest lake in South America and in the Andean belief the lake is the birthplace of the sun. It is the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,860 meters and you will sleep directly at its shores. The slight headache might not only come from the wine last night....




Total KM: 354

Hotel at 3818m a.s.l.


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This morning at lake Titicaca starts with a special boat trip to Uros, where you will meet the indigenous people who are living on these unique man-made islands. A totally different world, but a real eye opener...


Back at the shore, it is time to drive to our first border-crossing with Bolivia and snatching the lunch there. The Rally timing stops at the border so there is no stress. After a hopefully smooth ride to the suburbs of La Paz, again the intense traffic brings you “back to reality”.


The dinner will be in the Gustu restaurant - owned by the Dane who is also behind the world known Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. La Paz is unique as being highest major city in the world.




Total KM: 246

Hotel at 3297m a.s.l.


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DAY 10


Today will be another memorable day. You start by taking the Gondolas which hang in the air over the entire La Paz with its own urban jungle of cobblestones versus concrete and peaceful plazas and an amazing snow-covered backdrop. The destination of your gondola is right where the cars are waiting. You will get back behind the steering-wheel at the edge of La Paz to avoid the traffic. Now starts one of the toughest self-drive stages of the entire adventure.


Navigate your car south towards the spectacular Uyuni Salt Pans. It is a long drive nearly solely on gravel roads, so there is time to have just a short picnic along the way. Dinner, however, takes place in a new world-class lodge on the salt pans. Get ready to enjoy the chilly sunset over the Salar.


At 3,600 meters over sea level, the Uyuni Salt Pans are one of the most spectacular destinations in South America.




Total KM: 505

Hotel at 3650m a.s.l.


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DAY 11


Today will be one of the overall adventure highlights - “racing” on the salt is simply mindblowing. You will exit your dome hotel situated on top of the salt pans. Now we will go straight onto the world’s largest salt pans covering over 10,000 sq. km area. Even noted by Neil Armstrong from the moon. A driving experience only possible here with the scenery hard to understand. Try the fantastic photo opportunities when playing with the horizon. As yesterday was a long driving, we go back early to the camp. At night we will do a short night-drive onto the never ending pans again. This is simply one of those unique places that will remain in your memory forever. Watch.




Total KM: 200

Hotel at 3650m a.s.l.

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DAY 12


Today there will be times where you will not like us! You will have to get up early and there is a marathon-drive ahead. After a day with zero elevation change, today is very different and we will get close to 5,000 meters above sea level. We start with a fast part south to exit the salt pans. Then you shall enjoy a short smooth drive before you enter the driest desert on the planet. On the edge of the Atacama desert we will have lunch and a fuel stop. Here a mix of moon landscape, lagoons, sand and most of all rocks awaits you. You drive in endless remoteness humbled by the sheer nature here.


The Red Lagoon, pink flamingos, the stone tree, the Siloli Desert, and last but not least, Laguna Verde. With the volcanoes in the back, the views are just spectacular.


The final destination is the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama. The last kilometers are on a paved road all the way downhill to this odd tiny village, where all buildings are made of mud. This will be by far the hardest day of the entire Beyond Adventure...



Total KM: 476

Hotel at 2334m a.s.l.


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DAY 13


Wake up in an oasis in the desert, slightly beaten-up by yesterday’s hard drive. Enjoy the pool or visit the spa. But before you enter Chile, there are a few things to see today through the windscreen of your now heavily used, but beloved car - the “valley of the moon” awaits.


The afternoon is yours to explore the “shopping area”. Maybe the real highlight here will be that you are on 2,400m altitude - so you will feel strong. An optional mountain bike trip or even a horseback ride can be organized. Watch.




Total KM: 30

Hotel at 2334m a.s.l.


Screenshot 2020-05-13 13.41.08.png

DAY 14


Today you will steer your vehicles from San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta leaving the high and dry desert behind you. The drive could be done in 4 hours on paved roads, but who needs paved roads? Instead you will go off-road to experience the real Chile. Get ready for the drop down to the Pacific Ocean, it will be an extraordinary experience in many regards.


The Classic Rally results will be announced and celebrated at our well-deserved farewell dinner. Where it is time to say “see you next time” to all the similar-minded adventurers, whom you have shared this unique experience with.




Total KM: 313

Hotel at 15m a.s.l.


Screenshot 2020-05-13 13.41.20.png

DAY 15


It is time to leave South America. Depending on your flight schedule, you will be shuttled to the airport by the team.

This marks the end of this once-in-a-lifetime endeavour... unless you take a few optional days to relax at the Pacific Ocean.


 • Ultimate mix of highlights in the area

 • Tracking lost civilizations

 • High altitudes and coastal area

 • Unique accommodation

 • Nazca and Atacama Desert

 • Uyuni Salt Pans

 • Machu Picchu and Lake Titikaka


 • Lots of long days behind the steering wheel 

 • Easy smooth drive 

 • Always with enough oxygen 

 • A place where a suit and tie is needed




15 days (12 driving days) | ~ 4,029 KM 



 • Porsche Cayenne Beyond Adventure Edition or rental 4x4 SUV 



Price indications upon request - after the final location check the final prices are being communicated. 


 • Beyond Adventure with great food and best available accommodation 

 • Local guiding 

 • Shuttles from and to airport 

 • Classic rally organization 

 • All non-alcoholic drinks 

 • GSM / Satellite data connection 


 * Excluding flights to Lima International Airport and from Antofagasta International Airport to your home destination. 


Group Size: Min. 8 - max. 14 participants. More waves possible if needed to cover demand. Information correct at time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at or call: +48 667 938 320 (also available on WhatsApp ).

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