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What they say


“My utmost appreciation to the Kalmar team for their exceptional service. The professionalism exhibited by the entire team is top-notch, ensuring everything operates with precision, much like a well-oiled machine. The accommodation, catering, and overall service are of the highest quality, contributing significantly to the overall experience. The driving itself is an absolute thrill, pushing the limits in a fun yet safe environment. Navigating a Porsche on ice is an unparalleled experience, and even in moments where control is lost, the only consequence is a soft landing in snow, eliminating any sense of danger. The blend of adrenaline-packed driving, coupled with luxurious hospitality, makes this an unforgettable adventure. It's no surprise that I have already secured my spot for next year. Thank you, KALMAR Beyond Adventure, for orchestrating such a remarkable experience that continues to exceed expectations." – Carsten, Denmark


“Thanks for some unforgettable days in Finland. My third season and the fourth is for sure coming. There is only 362 days until i get to drive sideways again!! I have tried many driving experiences but nothing beats this. Accommodation, food and most importantly cars and tracks are unbeatable! See you in 2025!" – Thomas, Monaco


“Two of the best things i have done in my life was A - to go ice driving with Jan this year B - to go ice driving with Jan last year Last year it was a mind-blowing experience to get to do what Kalmar offers. To drive beyond our wildest imagination. Then to come back and see the newcomers with the same smiles on their faces and see how it just was beyond anyone’s expectations was quite fun to see.” – Kennet, Monaco


“I have done a number of driving experiences over the years in different places, but I must admit that my recent trip to Finland where i spent a couple of days with the Kalmar team far exceeded my expectations. The team is very friendly and highly organised. The cars are awesome to drive, and the nature is beautiful. But what sticks out mostly is the fact that with Kalmar you actually get to really drive. Not only is the time behind the steering wheel more than I could have hoped for, but these guys actually want you to go fast and they manage to do that through their team of highly experienced instructors. What a pleasure! I shall be back.” – Jacob, Denmark