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Explore incredible destinations

Beyond Adventure dares to go where no one else does. Discover extraordinary destinations around the globe, all from behind the steering wheel. Drive stunning roads, most off the beaten path, in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Explore on four wheels

Start where others stop – go beyond

Beyond Adventure redefines automotive adventures and creates life-changing driving experiences. Prepare to go beyond all and any expectations of what a bespoke driving adventure can be.

Why Beyond Adventure

The tailor-made KALMAR fleet

Re-engineered and specially Safari-prepared air-cooled Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayenne are ready for any adventures ahead.

Start the engine

Where next?

African Highlands

10 days | ~2,000 km

September 23 – October 02, 2023



From diverse natural landscapes to incredible wildlife, discover the magic of Africa like never before.



8 days | ~1,750 km

April 08 – April 15, 2024 | sold out

April 17 – April 24, 2024

April 27 – May 04, 2024

Explore Morocco along the most adventurous roads and terrain full of sand, gravel and lunar landscapes.


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The customers’ voices

"Beyond Adventure Alps crossing, doesn’t even begin to describe how absolutely incredible this journey is. First of all is the Beyond Adventure staff, meticulous, charming and so knowledgeable, the equipment is flawless, the destinations are awe inspiring and the accommodations and food were top shelf, this trip was a dream come true, look forward to the next event with this group."

JimUnited States

"A planned family trip ended in a once-in-a lifetime adventure... which exceeded all our expectations and we had a stunning time. Thanks to a great team, excellent organisation, fantastic support and wonderful people. Anytime again! See you next time…"


"South America. Extreme. Challenging. Exciting. Navigating stunning landscapes. That’s what we signed up for and that’s what we got. We did what few others do, went where few others get the chance, and in a classic Porsche. An amazing journey and a privilege to be part of this adventure of a lifetime."


"A weekend of which I will tell my grandchildren: apart from the perfect accommodation with a private chef and excellent food, everything was about driving on ice. In 2 days I drove about 500 km to the limit and improved my skills many times over! I learned to drive like I could never have imagined. Thanks to this fantastic team for the unforgettable moments in Lapland!"


"What to say? Perfect balance of luxury and excitement. Having been on many ice driving experiences I would urge anyone NOT to attempt to compare them with this. It’s an incredible and challenging driving programme which will leave a lasting impression on both experienced and novice driver alike. Luxury food and accommodation and wonderful ambience. Incomparable."


“The trip to Georgia was my first trip with Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure and indeed it was beyond, more than 70% off-road, over 3000m altitude. Fantastic drives and landscapes combined with the best possible accommodations, delicious food and wine. What is there more to ask? Highly recommended unique drive beyond adventure. Definitely not my last trip with them!”


"The Alps Crossing experience went well beyond my expectations. I attribute that to the spirited driving both on and off roads, stunning scenery, well equipped and reliable Porsches and especially the team that worked so hard to make this such a success. The accommodations were the finest available. They thought of all the details to make our experience one that I will not forget. Finally it was a joy to share it with Jan & Catja!"

RobertUnited States