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Beyond Adventure Safari Range

Beyond Adventure Safari Range

Proven over thousands of off-road kilometres in some of the world’s most remote locations and harshest conditions, the Beyond Adventure Safari Range is designed to explore places other sports cars simply can’t – from snow-laden forests and frozen lakes in the Arctic Circle to the rugged deserts and mountainous sand dunes of Africa.

Kickstarting the adventure

A decade before the inception of KALMAR Automotive, company founder and avid automotive adventurer Jan Kalmar was using his extreme engineering skills to build durable cars for exploring far-flung corners of the globe. The first was a (then brand-new) Porsche Cayenne reengineered for long-distance, continuous driving expeditions across all terrains. In 2015, it set a world record-breaking time for travelling non-stop from Nordkapp in Norway to Cape Agulhas in South Africa. This ‘Cayenne Special’ became known as the Beyond Adventure CS and was the first model in the Beyond Adventure Safari Range.

Ready for anything

“We start where others stop” is the company’s motto, but this is only possible due to the remarkable durability of the expedition vehicles.

Intrepid explorers can take a classic 911, Cayman or a Cayenne off the beaten path, experiencing the specially prepared Beyond Adventure RS, CS and CS-R on expedition.

Certain you’ll bond with these incredible machines, Beyond Adventure offers the opportunity for you to commission your own completely customised Beyond Adventure Safari Range vehicles for your next extraordinary journey.

The build process

Each Beyond Adventure Safari Range model is hand-built to your vision and specification. With unlimited possibilities for personalisation, every car is absolutely unique.

Hundreds of hours are invested into the development and construction to enable these cars to go beyond anything they were originally intended for. Each bespoke build process taking between three to nine months depending on your specification. Each vehicle receives a comprehensive technical upgrade that prepares it to be used – and in some cases abused – in all conditions.

Builds begin with a detailed road test of the donor car, undertaken by the project’s chief engineer. The vehicle is then dismantled and assessed, with a report submitted to the owner on the car’s condition and areas needing attention to ensure appropriate durability.

For the Beyond Adventure RS, the focus of the build is on the suspension, gearbox and stripping the interior. For the Beyond Adventure CS or CS-R, it typically consists of removal of the suspension and all plastic under-body parts. The cars receive a full Beyond Adventure-tested and proven suspension set-up and are put through a rigorous test programme of up to 1,000km before the customer hand over.

With each build completely individual, the extent of the upgrades undertaken are completely down to your preference – the Beyond Adventure Safari Range team can go to whatever lengths you desire.

Once the decision is made to commission a Beyond Adventure Safari Range vehicle, Beyond Adventure’s expert team is on-hand every step of the way, sharing frequent updates, ensuring you are involved throughout the build and supported for the journeys beyond.

Beyond Adventure RS

A light tough hardcore gravel car best in the hardest conditions – but not the most comfortable car, some years since it left the factory new, and not restored to concours condition but a real tool. Air-condition works when we start…5-6 speed manual transmission. 1300 kg ready to go and 260-290 Hp.

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Beyond Adventure RS-6

A more comfortable version of the Beyond Adventure RS with a water-cooled engine. Good on the long straight roads for sure. Significantly more complexed than the RS but has more to offer when treated gently. 6 speed manual transmission. 1425 kg ready to go and 300 Hp.

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Beyond Adventure RS-C

The new kid on the block and holding 2 luggage compartments but no fridge! Most comfortable sportscar in the fleet with the PDK gearbox and most modern of the all the sportscars. Fast and agile but some fragility to be considered. PDK transmission. 1400 kg ready to go and 326 Hp.

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Beyond Adventure CS

The most comfortable car of all the selection. Might turn less heads but feels like a magic carpet ride. Nice cool working air-conditions all the way.

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Beyond Adventure CS-R

The most off-road capable car of the fleet, huge weight reduction from sport seats and removal of a lot of comfort gear means this car is not the ordinary SUV. Low range and differential locks mean all is possible with this car.

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