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The three tiny countries Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, popularly referred to as the Baltic states could easily make it onto the list of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. Visit three beautiful capitals in just under one week. Experience perfect mix of nature, towns and beautiful driving!

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BEYOND ADVENTURE BALTICS – Three capitals in less than a week by car could sound slightly rushed, but in the beautiful Baltics this is possible even when driving the best back roads in all of Europe. There is a very special bond between the three countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A bond that was symbolized on the 23rd of August 1989 in “the Baltic Way” when a two-million-strong human chain stretched for 600 km from Tallinn to Vilnius “demanding” independence from the Soviet Union, an independence which officially was recognized by the Soviet Government only on the 6th of September 1991. Marking the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

Even though the Baltics cover a very small geographical area, you will be amazed by the rather large differences among these countries. You will always be met with an open and young mentality all over the region. On my numerous travels to the Baltics, I have discovered many bright people with the mixed influences from cooperative Scandinavia and slightly more reserved Russian way of living. There is so much history in the area as it has been influenced by so many different powers over the centuries and with the striking nature and more or less never ending coastline you will experience a very different Baltics than you might have expected.

We always add a bit of car enthusiasm to our Adventures and this is also the case here. You can join an inclusive off-road or an optional track experience at our Beyond Adventure Basecamp in Pärnu, Estonia unless you simply want to take in the fresh sea air at the resort and spa. As always you will experience very good hotels and nice local food. You can choose freely between Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS or Classic Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS – and either get introduced to our Classic Rally Style or try it again if you have been with us before. This means plenty of time to experience this region on your own but still with full support from our side. About 1400 km on great roads with a great diversity between these three beautiful countries. Don’t let this opportunity go by!


Beyond Adventure is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. Getting from A to B shall become your experience not just transport. We offer you to explore “bucket-list” destinations. All behind the steering wheel of the best suitable vehicle for the challenges. We dare to motivate you to go where no-one normally goes and we want to exceed your expectations with our one-of-its-kind concepts. We redefine automotive adventures and target via a distinctive teamwork to also extend your network and to create friendships. When joining a Beyond Adventure you will become part of a passionate team and will immediately feel our uniqueness in how we do things.

Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure was established by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver who is constantly exploring the planet on four wheels. This life-long passion has led to an extensive network. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set World Records in the process.



For us the experience must be distinctive - we supply the best service wherever we go but never lose the flexibility and individual approach. Therefore have we developed an unique Classic Rally- Style Driving Concept for Beyond Adventure, not competing for the fastest time but instead for the most precise timing. This means you drive and navigate by yourself independently. Of course, the support team is always close by and for the most challenging stages, the entire group stays together.



The passion for adventures lies deep within our vastly experienced team. We always offer the best possible service and ensure you never feel alone. In case of an emergency, break down or a simple puncture, there is always Beyond Adventure team member nearby. So, although you drive solitary, you are never alone, even on adventures in the most remote areas. On special adventures our own paramedic and mechanic is present to ensure premedical assistance or car repair in the highly unlikely event of an emergency.


For all Beyond Adventures the team always includes a local guide to explain about the area and inform about local habits and traditions, simply to widen your horizon - as Hans Christian Andersen said: “to travel is to live.” Behind the scenes, a team of travel experts is on alert from start to finish following your progress via GPS tracking for your safety and comfort - always ready to support. The Beyond Adventure experience starts from the first point of contact. From that moment you can rely on our personal support. Your real Beyond Adventure starts at the arrival airport. From here all is taken care of all the way to the departure airport. Get ready to explore the world you maybe never knew existed... the extraordinary world!


Let the adventure begin,... 
Jan Kalmar, founder
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Our Adventure starts in Estonia with Tallinn’s old romantic town center which will make you feel like being a part of a historic film set.


Arrive in Tallinn International Airport where the Beyond Adventure team awaits you. A short shuttle to the beautiful hotel located in the old town will mark the start of your Adventure. Take a bit of time to rest after a possibly long journey and later we will welcome you all with our team presentation and sharing of the latest information. The afternoon will include a special old town city walk with a local specialist where you experience the spectacular Tallinn like no one else… Beyond Adventure style.


The evening will be the official start where a unique welcome dinner as a tribute to local produce will surely be the perfect start to this Baltic Adventure.





Today you have a bit time to explore Tallinn on your own until lunch before it is car and a Classic Rally Style briefing time.


After lunch, we get into the cars and leave Tallinn behind us heading south to the coastal resort Pärnu via very special back roads. You will arrive at our hotel standing right at the beach in the beautiful bay.


Take your time to visit the spa or if the weather allows, dip your toes in the Baltic sea right in front of your room.


Total KM: 250


2020-06-19 12.07.56-1.jpg



Pärnu located in a beautiful bay with striking sandy beaches making it a perfect place to either rest at the never ending beach or get an adrenaline kick at our own track.


We have our Beyond Adventure Basecamp here in Pärnu located at a modern racetrack and we can’t pass by here without visiting this little piece of heaven on earth. You can choose between an included off-road or an optional track experience.


We offer Porsche Cayenne for the off-road and everything from classic air cooled Porsche 911’s all the way to the latest generation Porsche 991 Cup car for the track. If this is not enough then book 9X Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen as your personal coach – with Beyond Adventure all is possible!


If you instead want a relaxing day at this beautiful scenery, we can understand you and there are plenty of things to do here. Bike rides, kite surfing, beautiful board-walks in the area or simply go for a swim in the refreshing Baltic sea. Enjoy the sunset from your hotel room... and take a deep breath.



Total KM: 20





Now again continuing a southern direction via amazing roads and surprising nature towards Latvia and it’s capital, Riga, being the metropole of the Baltics and well worth a visit. We will have time to see the old town and really feel that the new meets the old here.


Drive along the beautiful coastline as well as magnificent inland gravel rally roads into the green forest. Roads are just keep getting better and better until we enter the vibrant Riga with its dense traffic and roads not made for the amount of cars. We head straight to the hotel where lunch is waiting for us. Due to the horrible traffic expect a fair bit of walking. We have a local guide to show us the center of Riga but at the same time to explain how the life was here before the liberation.


Full of impressions we will enjoy a good dinner before the hotel marks a good place to rest before tomorrow as it is full of unexpected experiences again.



Total KM: 290






The morning is “yours” to explore Riga’s culture or shopping streets before we get back into the cars. Our journey aims south west towards Lithuania where the almost Mediterranean coastline of Palanga awaits us. Here we have time to relax and hopefully enjoy the long summer evenings, but first we need to put many spectacular gravel roads behind our tires. Who would expect that the widest waterfall in all of Europe would be found in flat Latvia? And feel free to cross it by foot!


A late arrival just in time for dinner in Palanga, Lithuania is perfectly timed to enjoy a big red super late sunset during the white nights overlooking the Baltic sea makes a perfect end of the day.


The first time I visited here – it was a full “south of France experience” with the pine trees and the entire atmosphere around is – so unexpected but so “Baltics”.



Total KM: 360



2020-06-21 11.15.58.jpg



Today you can choose between a relaxing day at the hotel and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Palanga and even book a well-deserved Spa treatment or choose to experience one of biggest wonders of the Baltics.


We will visit the Curonian Spit, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. A 100 km long 1 km wide sand island. It is highest moving sand dunes in Europe with the average height of 35 meters and some streching to 60 meters. 52 km of the Curonian Spit belongs to Lithuania and the rest is Russian territory known as Kaliningrad Oblast. Many travel experts consider Curonian Spit as the “best kept secret of Lithuania”, simply one of the bucket list items only a few are aware of.


Dinner is enjoyed in an authentic place where the atmosphere could not be further away from the picture most have of this ex-soviet area. 



Total KM: 162


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-22 at 17.17.09 (1



Our final destination is Vilnius, yet another UNESCO World Heritage site, where you will surely be drawn by the very beautiful city center.


Today we set out early from the coast of Palanga and head more or less straight toward the capital. After many kilometers of winding roads the last days we choose the straight and fastest route with a short detour to visit the romantic Trakai Castle.


Arrival at the hotel marks the end of the driving part and we say goodbye to the cars. We will be guided by our own Reda (who you surely was in contact with signing in for this adventure) as she lives in Vilinius and she will ensure we get to see the very best of Vilnius and also all what all the others normally don’t get to see in the very well-preserved old town.


The evening will mark our final dinner with a taste of local Lithuanian food and when did you last eat dinner in the same room as Napoleon used last time he visited Vilnius!


As always, we never say goodbye, but simply say “see you next time” somewhere around the planet.



Total KM: 340





Today, if you do not extend your stay, the team will shuttle you to the airport where you surely full of surprising and positive impressions about the Baltics will think back on this Beyond Adventure Baltics with a big smile on your face.
































This area offers so many unique locations and opportunities so our selection does not cover the entire region. If you are interested in more, we can organize a visit to Sankt Petersburg before the start of Beyond Adventure Baltics just like we can add a visit to Kaliningrad or Poland after arrival in Vilinius.


For those who want to “go all the way” we can also extend the trip with a visit to Minsk, Belarus as this is only 200 km from Vilnius. We can assist with Visas but ultimately you are responsible to get the needed Visa. Let us know what we can do for you.

lithuania-912362_1920 kopie.jpg


 • Far from what most think of the former Soviet area

 • Fresh sea-air ad libitum

 • Amazing roads and near no traffic

 • Safe and welcoming

 • Diverse

 • Conveniently compact


 • High average speeds on highways

 • Grey depressing post Soviet experience

 • Difficult place to travel

 • Only Russian speaking

 • Dark due to the white nights during midsummer

 • Only cold and windy




 8 days (5 driving days) | ~ 1 422 KM



 We offer 2 different options: 

 • Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS

 • Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS


Price upon request. 


 • All car costs 

 • Hotels 

 • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners 

 • All shuttles 

 • Beyond Adventure Team support 

 • GSM / Satellite data connection 

Excluding flights to and from Copenhagen International Airport to and from your home destination. Drinks at lunches and dinners.


 Group Size: Min. 8 - max. 12 participants. More waves possible if needed to cover demand. Information correct at time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at or call: +45 31 12 11 01 (also available on WhatsApp). 

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