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KALMAR Adventures

Explore incredible destinations around the world on four wheels.

Join extraordinary driving adventures in the world’s most breath-taking locations.

African Highlands

10 days | ~2,000 km

September 23 – October 02, 2023



From diverse natural landscapes to incredible wildlife, discover the magic of Africa like never before.

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8 days | ~1,000 km

November 10 – 17, 2023



Drive to stunningly beautiful villages via secret mountain backroads and fall in love with Bhutan.

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8 days | ~1,750 km

April 08 – April 15, 2024 | sold out

April 17 – April 24, 2024

April 27 – May 04, 2024

Explore Morocco along the most adventurous roads and terrain full of sand, gravel and lunar landscapes.

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10 days | ~2,700 km

July 27 – August 05, 2024



Get ready for one of the greatest safari driving adventures in the world and most stunning desert landscapes in Africa.

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Upcoming Beyond Adventures:


6 Days | ~750 km

Astonishing mountain views and challenging gravel roads. The Alps crossing many wouldn’t deem possible.

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17 days | ~7,000 km

Discover unique landscapes, fascinating indigenous culture and unfamiliar wildlife on this challenging driving adventure.

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7 days | ~700 km

Experience phenomenal food at world-class restaurants on this unique driving adventure in the small kingdom Denmark.

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9 days | ~1,800 km

Stunning, warm-hearted, tasty, magical – a country full of surprises to be discovered on this exciting Georgian adventure.

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8 days | ~1,400 km

Take on dramatic forests, stunning beaches and historic cities by driving through three dynamic and beautiful countries.

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Central America

11 days | ~1,750 km

Drive far from the beaten track and discover just how stunning – and challenging – tropical Central America is.

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