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The Beyond Adventure story

KALMAR Beyond Adventure was established by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, passionate coachbuilder and petrolhead who has toured the planet on four wheels to make the inaccessible accessible. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set World Records in the process. He regularly joins the Beyond Adventure tours as he continues to fuel his own thirst for adventure.

A team inspired by exploring

A passion for adventure and collaboration inspires the Beyond Adventure team of travel specialists and automotive and events experts. Each member’s caring and daring approach brings vast quantities of originality to every single project, helping to make them unforgettable.

Jan Kalmar – Founder and Owner, KALMAR Beyond Adventure

The DNA of Beyond Adventure lies with Jan Kalmar, whose experience drives him to realise not only his own dreams but those of other adventurers too. Jan’s expertise and spirit are integral to the development of these sensational driving adventures. His ability to balance adventure, safety and luxury is what makes Beyond Adventure unique, and ensures that every experience is unforgettable.

Catja Wiedenmann – Owner, KALMAR Beyond Adventure

Owner Catja heads up the operations of KALMAR Beyond Adventure. With many years of Marketing and Driving Experience background in the Automotive Industry, amongst others as the global Head of Porsche Experience, Catja’s knowledge and experience are instrumental in the company’s ability to deliver bespoke driving adventures that go beyond expectations.

The crest