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Beyond Adventure Baltics

Three capitals in less than a week by car could sound slightly rushed, but in the beautiful Baltics this is possible even when driving the best back roads in all of Europe.

There is a very special bond between the three countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, a bond that was symbolized on the 23rd of August 1989 in “the Baltic Way” when a two-million-strong human chain stretched for 600 km from Tallinn to Vilnius “demanding” independence from the Soviet Union. This independence which was officially recognized by the Soviet government only on the 6th of September 1991 marking the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

Even though the Baltics cover a very small geographical area, you will be amazed by the rather large differences amongst these countries. You will always be met with an open and young mentality all over the region. On my numerous travels to the Baltics, I have discovered many bright people with mixed influences from the cooperative Scandinavia and slightly more reserved Russian way of living.

There is so much history in the area as it has been influenced by so many different powers over the centuries. With its striking nature and more or less never ending coastline you will experience a very different Baltics than you might have expected.

We always add a bit of car enthusiasm to our Adventures and this is also the case here. You can join an inclusive off-road or an optional track experience at our Beyond Adventure Basecamp in Pärnu, Estonia unless you simply want to take in the fresh sea air at the resort and spa. As always you will experience very good hotels and nice local food. You can choose freely between Porsche Cayennes or Classic Porsche 911s – and either get introduced to our classic rally style or try it again if you have been with us before. This means plenty of time to experience this region on your own but still with full support from our sidebout 1400 km on great roads with a great diversity between these three beautiful countries.




8 days (5 driving days)


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


KALMAR fleet


1400 km




10 – 20 °C