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Beyond Adventure Bhutan

Due to its relative geographical isolation, Bhutan is not widely known to the outside world. Until 1974 Western tourists rarely visited the country. Today, the number of visitors is strictly limited and therefore only a few people know about the beauty of Bhutan.

The few who visit this magical place are astonished by the ancient Buddhist culture in a landscape of incredible nature. Beyond Adventure has obtained the requisite visitor permits for you to enter this world. Experience an intimate insight into Bhutan’s Buddhist culture and way of life. The way most visitors travel in Bhutan is in minibuses but with Beyond Adventure self-drive is always a must, so you get your “own” 4×4 and therefore become a member of an even smaller group of people who drive themselves in Bhutan.  You will drive the back-roads of the country to untouched villages, reaching heights close to 4,000 meters and enjoy the most beautiful sights and sounds of the Himalayan range.

Unforgettable nights are organized in carefully selected world-class resorts with international awards from the travel industry.  Begin your journey by passing over the majestic Mount Everest with the Royal Bhutan Airlines to Paro – the starting point of your endeavour.


October 2024


8 days (3 driving days)




Local 4×4


500 km


gravel and tarmac


10 – 18 °C