The small kingdom with a long proud history founded by the vikings, birthplace of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen and home of the phenomena “hygge” - a unique state of mind which according to some can only be experienced here! Denmark has recently become a must visit culinary hot-spot. 


BEYOND ADVENTURE DENMARK GOURMET SPECIAL– Beyond Adventure Denmark Gourmet Special – a carefully selected visit to this small Scandinavian country. The capital of social security and birthplace of what today is known as taxes! This culinary adventure is designed to visit some of the best restaurants in the world, but also experience the less visited places. Despite Denmark is a tiny country, there are many regional differences. Danes are known to be the “Latinos of North Europe”. Unique to Denmark is the phenomena “hygge” which does not translate to any other language - it is a combination of happiness and coziness... and yes, Denmark has many times been voted the happiest country in the world!


Beyond Adventure Denmark Gourmet Special - is compact, but no lack of excitement. Denmark is calling you to discover the best food and amazing insight to this happy place and despite Denmark is “famous” for its non-existing automotive industry we will have a few surprises waiting for you.


Beyond Adventure is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. Getting from A to B shall become your experience not just transport. We offer you to explore “bucket-list” destinations. All behind the steering wheel of the best suitable vehicle for the challenges.


We dare to motivate you to go where no-one normally goes and we want to exceed your expectations with our one-of-its-kind concepts. We redefine automotive adventures and target via a distinctive teamwork to also extend your network and to create friendships. When joining a Beyond Adventure you will become part of a passionate team and will immediately feel our uniqueness in how we do things.

Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure was established by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver who is constantly exploring the planet on four wheels. This life-long passion has led to an extensive network. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set World Records in the process.



For us the experience must be distinctive - we supply the best service wherever we go but never lose the flexibility and individual approach. Therefore have we developed an unique Classic Rally- Style Driving Concept for Beyond Adventure, not competing for the fastest time but instead for the most precise timing. This means you drive and navigate by yourself independently. Of course, the support team is always close by and for the most challenging stages, the entire group stays together.



The passion for adventures lies deep within our vastly experienced team. We always offer the best possible service and ensure you never feel alone. In case of an emergency, break down or a simple puncture, there is always Beyond Adventure team member nearby. So, although you drive solitary, you are never alone, even on adventures in the most remote areas.


On special adventures our own paramedic and mechanic is present to ensure premedical assistance or car repair in the highly unlikely event of an emergency. For all Beyond Adventures the team always includes a local guide to explain about the area and inform about local habits and traditions, simply to widen your horizon - as Hans Christian Andersen said: “to travel is to live.”


Behind the scenes, a team of travel experts is on alert from start to finish following your progress via GPS tracking for your safety and comfort - always ready to support. The Beyond Adventure experience starts from the first point of contact. From that moment you can rely on our personal support. Your real Beyond Adventure starts at the arrival airport. From here all is taken care of all the way to the departure airport. Get ready to explore the world you maybe never knew existed... the extraordinary world!



Let the adventure begin,... 
Jan Kalmar, founder
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Arrive to Copenhagen International Airport with direct connections from Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Doha, Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai and most major European airports. You will be welcomed by the Beyond Adventure team in the airport. A short shuttle to the Nimb hotel in the city center of Copenhagen awaits you.


After time to relax after your journey it is time to use our own private entrance to the second oldest amusement park in the world - “Tivoli”. Described as the most romantic place in town. Judge yourself...


Leaving the entertainment in the park, we will enjoy a special dinner at Geranium - the world’s 5th best restaurant and the “only” three Michelin Stars restaurant in Denmark. A unique shuttle back to hotel will give you the opportunity to discover Copenhagen by night as the evening is at your own disposal in the downtown.





Today we will explore Copenhagen - a “city-tour by water” is on the program. You will see some of the least visited places in Copenhagen as our private boat will access some of the nicest locations around the channels of the capital city. Afterwards we enjoy a very traditional Danish lunch at the most known “Danish open sandwich restaurant” - Ida Davidsen.

After lunch a time for shopping or individual sightseeing is there. Just make sure you are back in hotel on time to prepare for dinner. But before, you will be shuttled to the exceptional “freetown” where you will see the part of Denmark you would never expected - Christiania.

Visit to Christiania will surley increase your appetite and we have one of the best dinners awaiting! With a short walk from Christiania you will find yet another famous for the Michelin Stars and excellent taste restaurant that some say started the entire modern food culture in Denmark. Indulge yourself in the taste and the experience of the place.

Enjoy the exclusive water-shuttle to hotel. The rest of the evening is yours to explore the pulsating Copenhagen or simply relax in the fresh sea air here in the middle of the capital.


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Today we will leave Copenhagen behind us and of course in style - a private sea plane will take us to the Island Fyn where the cars are waiting.


You will enjoy lunch at the idyllic hotel. Now finally it is time to jump into the cars and we will visit a very special roof tile factory – you have never seen anything like it…


From here it is fairytale time, a short drive to Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. We will visit the home of one of the greatest writers of all times, the father of “The Little Mermaid”, “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Snow Queen” are only a few of his many great fairytales.


After our Odense visit, we head back to our countryside hotel for a dinner with real Danish hygge.



Total KM: 96



Screenshot 2020-05-11 17.39.07.png


We will make a small navigation introduction to those who have never tried our Classic Rally Driving Style, but soon we are back in the cars. First stop is the highest point in Denmark – which happens to be the bridge tower of our largest and one of the largest bridges in the world. You will be amazed by all the small roads as we do all we can to avoid highways... 

Back on the Island Sjælland we set the east direction to reach the Baltic sea where our well-deserved lunch awaits us. The day is far from over as those who like cars can get to see something as unusual as a Danish car factory and what a car! Together we will now enter the forest where you will surely experience your heart rate drop a few beats per second. 

A very special night is planned where dinner meets nature… But first the 45meter high tower with astonishing view must be climbed… This will be one of those experiences money can’t buy as we have the area all by ourselves! Get ready for “white nights” as the sun won’t really set on this second longest day of the year! 

Total KM: 253 

Hotel: Beyond Adventure Camp





We set out from the “forest” and a long driving day awaits all… You will surely enjoy the views along the small roads carving through Denmark. There are many highlights today along the route. Discover how the ocean eats away the Danish coast and see the amazing limestone areas in the far eastern part of Denmark. Visit Roskilde - the former capital and home of the Vikings. Picturesque places ad libitum before we head far north. 

Lunch will be on the go – and a snack awaits at the romantic seaside hotel where a walk on the beach is an absolute must especially after the long drive today. “Timing is everything” and today is a very special day as Denmark celebrates the longest day of the year with thousands of fires on the beaches – come join our Saint Hans Evening! 



Total KM: 215 





Today you can choose different optional experiences - all in the preparation of possibly one of the most spectacular culinary experiences you have ever had. You can take it easy at the hotel and spoil yourself with a spa treatment. Alternatively visit the nearby golf club or you can just take your car and explore the area on your own... 

After a light lunch, we go back in the cars and pass by Kronborg Castle – home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and from there we drive the coastal route to the D’Angleterre hotel in Copenhagen. There will be time to relax in the hotel or some time to explore Copenhagen on your own. 

The evening has a special experience laid out for you- the newest top restaurant in Copenhagen! This exceptional restaurant is aimed to become the best restaurant in the world and got two Michelin stars after less than one year of running! We will keep it as hidden gem of the adventure!

After this dinner we will say “see you next time” somewhere around the world, as we never say goodbye here at Beyond Adventure. By now you might just want to get back to your hotel to digest all the impressions this dinner had to offer. It is your choice how to spend the last night in this magical city. 

Total KM: 93 


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Today we shuttle you to the airport aligned with your flight schedule. If you want some extra days to explore further this small piece of heaven on your own we will of course happily assist with this too. 



 • Stunning narrow country-side roads 

 • Fresh sea-air ad libitum 

 • World class dining experiences 

 • Super authentic accommodation 

 • A unique combination of nature, cars and easy travel 

 • Welcoming you to stay longer and explore more 


 • Hard desert crossings and extreme driving 

 • Boring highways 

 • Driving every day 

 • Forcing you to go hungry to bed 

 • What you expect – but much better



7 days (4 driving days) | ~ 657 KM 

19th to 25th June 2022 



 We offer 2 different options: 

 • Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS

 • Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS


Price upon request. 


 • All car costs 

 • Hotels 

 • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners 

 • All shuttles 

 • Beyond Adventure Team support 

 • GSM / Satellite data connection 

Excluding flights to and from Copenhagen International Airport to and from your home destination. Drinks at lunches and dinners.


Group Size: Min. 8 - max. 12 participants. More waves possible if needed to cover demand. 

Information correct at time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur. 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at or call: +45 31 12 11 01 (also available on WhatsApp). 

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