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Beyond Adventure Namibia

Mind-blowing landscapes, wildlife safaris, vast open spaces and untouched nature… Welcome to the soul of Africa: Namibia!

Get ready for one of the greatest safari driving adventures in the world even further enhanced by experiencing it from behind the steering wheel of a Porsche. Prepare for some of the most stunning desert landscapes in Africa. A true bucket-list territory awaits – the best of Namibia.

Namibia offers what makes the heart of a true adventurer beat faster! A mix of unforgettable sights, prime wildlife safaris, diverse African culture and challenging driving experiences through this timeless land of arid deserts, majestic sand dunes, coastal areas and unpopulated places with wide-open spaces in between. Close your eyes and you will only hear the lonely desert wind passing through… the country is, after all, one of the most sparsely populated independent countries on earth. 

The ten-day Beyond Adventure starts close to Windhoek, the capital, from a private game reserve to get simply adjusted to African vibes. The next day it is time to get into the cars and follow wide open and seemingly endless gravel roads towards no-man’s-land. First stop is the spectacular Sossusvlei and the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert with its great sand sea and unforgettable views. The journey continues towards the Atlantic Ocean and the Skeleton Coast with its rugged shoreline waiting. 

Damaraland and its fascinating rock formations and desert-adapted wildlife cannot be missed before we reach Etosha National Park – one of the best wildlife safari destinations in Africa with a vast saline desert and natural springs that support an astonishing array of indigenous species. The variety and sheer number of animals is outstanding and a truly fascinating destination waiting to be explored in Safari style. Before returning to Windhoek, a short stop at the Africat Foundation in Okonjima is on the programme.

For this outstanding adventure prepare for spectacular views, abundant wildlife and unforgettable overnight stays under the clear African skies. Experience this and so much more on yet another once-in-a-lifetime experience through the windscreen of our special Safari-ready Porsche 911 and Cayenne fleet.


May, 2025


10 days (8 driving days)




KALMAR fleet


2700 km


gravel, tarmac, sand


7 – 25 °C