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A water-cooled weapon without limits

Ground clearance

21 cm

Beyond Adventure RS-6

The water-cooled Rally Special-6 is ready to conquer any terrain.

RS-6 is the first water-cooled Beyond Adventure Safari Range creation of its kind ready to challenge your perceptions of what a Porsche 911 can do. Inspired by the original Beyond Adventure RS – short for ‘Rally Special,’ the RS-6 uses a 996-generation Porsche 911 as its basis – marking its debut in Beyond Adventure’s rugged line up. Adopting the essence of Beyond Adventure’s existing Safari Range, the RS-6 carries the torch for the next-generation with its unbeatable ‘go anywhere’ overland ability.

Created to deliver the same levels of practicality, usability and rewarding driving dynamics as its original air-cooled relation, the RS-6 is a lightweight (1440kg), off-road capable sports car, uniquely enhanced by Beyond Adventure’s team to be equally at home driving across frozen lakes, traversing tricky mountains passes and arid deserts, or negotiating fast, sweeping road routes.

Beyond Adventure’s intrinsic values, engineering expertise and unrivalled roster of valued partners, has enabled the creation of this bespoke package, using the very best components to equip the RS-6 with the ability to explore extreme environments far from the beaten track. Like every Beyond Adventure Safari Range conversion, the specification of the RS-6 is adaptable and completely individual, with infinite options available. Only your imagination limits what is possible.

The Beyond Adventure RS-6 can be based on the 996 Carrera 2, Carrera 4 or Turbo platforms, created in left- or right-hand-drive, with manual or automatic gearbox options.

The Exterior

From the outside, every aspect of the RS-6 benefits from functional design alterations tailored to deliver performance benefits and allowing it to meet each client’s desire to reach places other 911s cannot.

Rally-specification features include higher ground clearance for the most uncharted routes, accomplished through a combination of larger off-road tyres, Beyond Adventure developed shock absorbers and exclusive roll centre adjusting subframe drops. Complete underbody protection measuring up to 8mm thick and additional shielding for its front-mounted water-cooled systems form part of the standard package, the RS-6 also has a stiffened cross towbar for protection, which doubles up as an additional, stronger towing point should need for its use arise.

For those driving longer and more extreme routes, a roof-mounted combination of jerry cans and tyre carriers further extend the driving ability of the RS-6 accommodating spare tyres, a high output auxiliary LED light bar supporting the inefficient OEM headlight units. All go to make the car stand out from the crowd. All these modifications can, of course, be tailored to specific tastes. The exterior is finished with a bespoke livery designed in collaboration with the customer, ensuring that each RS-6 is unique.

The Beyond Adventure RS-6 is more utilitarian machine than a piece of moving art, therefore each conversion does not include a full restoration unless dictated by the customer.

The Interior

Distinctive interior features separate each individual Beyond Adventure RS-6 while staying true to the ethos of being lightweight and durable. Beyond Adventure Safari Range maintains the motto “if it is not needed, let’s remove it.” This philosophy results in a simplified interior, but one that does not skimp on comfort, even enjoying a hint of what Beyond Adventure’s term ‘adventure luxury’ is.

Each cabin comes equipped with cosseting Recaro sports or race bucket seats, as found in previous RS conversions, with the protection of a rear roll cage for added safety. This quest for lightness stretches to the removal of all sound deadening materials, audio and other comfort items, further enhancing the atmosphere of this fully functional cockpit. Occupants can simply enjoy the roar of the engine, promoting an authentic competitive experience.

Importantly everything remains customisable. Competition-specific equipment such as a full roll cage, fly-off handbrake and trip-master timing system are also available.

The Technical Specifications

The bespoke build process of the Beyond Adventure Safari Range is not just about looking tough, every upgrade has been chosen with hobby or enthusiast rallying in mind. Mechanically, each RS-6 retains its original Porsche flat-six engine, starting with 300hp as standard, a menu of tuning options is available to hike power to well over 500hp. The drivetrain conversion includes the addition of a bespoke limited-slip differential for added traction across all surfaces.

The RS-6’s bespoke suspension sees ride height increased by eight cm, delivering total ground clearance of 21cms – equivalent to that of a Porsche Cayenne. This is achieved through Beyond Adventure’s bespoke adjustable shock absorbers and custom spring set, subframe kit, specially engineered top mounts, bushes and upgraded driveshafts in addition to the taller profile Michelin tyres. Chassis alterations stretch to an enhanced strut brace to better distribute loads across the front axle, in combination ensuring that the RS-6 can cope with pitch and yaw forces higher than Porsche ever intended. Lightweight, narrow alloy wheels are paired with all-terrain or World Rally Championship-style spiked winter tyres.

An optional adaptive shock absorber upgrade is also available where valving is continuously monitored and adjusted according to surface and pitch, body roll being controlled electronically. For those who want to go further, there is also the option of hydraulic lift shock absorbers. At the flick of a button, the ride height can be raised by around 50mm. This offers the ability for low slung sports car for the twisty mountain roads but higher ground clearance when you face the sand dunes and rougher tracks.


With unlimited combinations on offer for each Beyond Adventure vehicle, every customer can commission a fully bespoke dream car with a memorable and personal build process. There’s no configurator, there’s not even a “no” in Beyond Adventure’s vocabulary, simply a passion to create adventure-ready cars in which to explore and have fun. For the Beyond Adventure Safari Range, the optional extras list is significantly shorter than the list of standard equipment.

Optional equipment

  • Range of engine specifications and upgrades
  • Adaptive shock absorbers with two axle lift function
  • Race seats
  • Full roll cage
  • Rally-specification fly-off handbrake
  • Front and rear cross towbar
  • Extensive weight reduction
  • Restoration of donor car

Standard Equipment

  • Full underbody protection and cross towbar
  • Six-speed gearbox with LSD
  • Rear roll cage
  • Lightweight seats and interior options
  • Roof mounted spare wheel / jerry can holder
  • Roof mounted LED light bar
  • Bespoke suspension lift kit
  • Narrow, lightweight alloys shod with all-terrain tyres

Order process

With plentiful and more affordable donor cars now available, it’s the perfect time to bring this model to the Beyond Adventure Safari Range programme. Once sourced, the process of building a Beyond Adventure RS-6 takes a maximum of six months from start to finish.