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Trans-Africa 2024

Beyond Adventure Trans Series

Are you one of us who followed the iconic Camel Trophy in the 80-90’s where teams were fighting their way though hardly passable jungles in Land Rovers and dreaming of you also one day being a part of an adventure like this? Or are you one of us who watched the “real” Paris to Dakar rallies, where team were racing their way over endless dunes and having to dig and pull their way across the soft sand and seeing yourself right in the middle of this? Of course, this before all the automotive manufactures commercialized it with their almost F1 style prototypes…

The Beyond Adventure Trans-series is then just the right place for you. We do cross similar terrain but always have a close by support with us and the drivers can always look forward for a super high-end accommodation after the driving battles of the day. We do all the planning, and you simply show up at the airport described with the right mindset whichis driving adventure!

You must expect having to solve issues along the way as we are moving right on the limit of what is possible, but this becomes a part of the experience. With the Trans-Series we do evaluate the participant’s experience as there is a certain need for skill of all sorts along the way, but on the other hand do we guaranty that you become “one of one” when we drive the cars, we do on the routes we choose.

If you have joined any of our other adventures, then you are automatically qualified. But it does not end here, we also “invite” you to be a part of our prototype “test-team” as we always bring prototypes with us to test our cars on the limit, where else do you get such opportunity?

All trans-series are “once-in-lifetime” experiences as they only take place once and never again. The Trans- Series trips are based on full a cost-share basis when there is a fully transparent calculation, and the final price is presented only after the adventure so there is no need for huge buffers in the pre-event budgeting. Of course, there is always a price estimate and so far, we have managed to stay very close to this every time.

If you are a modern automotive explorer then contact us and hear more, and if you have your own Porsche Safari car, then we will happily find space for you and handle all around the entire experience for you.

KALMAR Beyond Adventure

Is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. We offer you the truly unique opportunity to explore “bucket-list” destinations, all behind the steering wheel safari prepared Porsches of all kinds, all created to for the challenges along the route. We challenge you to go where no-one normally goes with Porsches and we want to exceed your expectations with our one-of-its-kind experience concepts.

We redefine automotive adventures under the slogan “we start where the others stops“ and and help to extend your network and creates friendships for life. We guaranty that when you join Beyond Adventures you become part of a passionate team. KALMAR Beyond Adventure was established

by Jan Kalmar – an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver who is constantly exploring the planet on four wheels. This life-long passion has led to an extensive network. Jan has bent the limits for automotive challenges for over 20 years and even set world records in the process.

For us the experience must be distinctive – our motto “we want to exceed expectations” is our core essence. Unique service wherever we go, but never lose the flexibility and individual approach. Therefore we have developed an unique classic rally-style driving concept, not competing for the fastest time but instead for the most precise timing. This means you drive and navigate by yourself independently. Of course, the support team is always close by and for the most challenging stages, the entire group stays together. The passion for adventures is deep within our vastly experienced event team. We always offer the best possible luxurious overnight stay after a long drive in “your” Porsche. We always ensure you are never alone. In case of an emergency, break down or a simple puncture, there is always a solution  assisted by the Beyond Adventure team. So, although you drive solo, you are never alone, even in the most remote areas.

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities for us. Our dedicated paramedic is always on hand to provide medical assistance in case of an unlikely emergency. Likewise, should any vehicle issues arise, our specially trained technicians are ready to assist.

Every Beyond Adventure includes a knowledgeable local guide who will enrich your experience by sharing insights about the area and its unique customs. As Hans Christian Andersen wisely said, “To travel is to live,” and we aim to broaden your horizons at every opportunity.

Behind the scenes, our team monitors your journey from start to finish using Dakar Rally GPS tracking, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout. From the moment you sign up, you can count on our unwavering support. Upon arrival at the destination airport, our care continues until your departure, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa

Take “your” specially prepared Porsche though mind-blowing landscapes, abundant wildlife, and untouched nature – meet the true Africa with all the smiles that comes to you when you show up in a colorful Porsche – Welcome to Trans-Africa 2024.

Be ready to become “one of one” who in a Porsche exploring the welcoming and amazing countries of Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, with a unique addition in true adventure style, a taste of Angola.

Prepare for spectacular views and unique overnight stays under the clear African skies. Experience this and so much more on this once-in-a-lifetime experience through the windscreen of a specially prepared Porsche. Some stages you can choose to fight the challenges “alone” or enjoy the support for the always close-by team. And trust us when we say “Everything is possible” when joining Trans Africa 2024.

This amazing ultimate driving experience exhibits Africa’s natural uniqueness paired with exceptional lodging locations. As can be expected with the “Trans- series”, you will be challenged to cross remote, often restricted areas in countries normally not visited by the average tourist.

As usual with the “Trans-Series” we will at times exceed what is normally possible with the cars. Here we need to “protect to survive” so clear driving instructions will be given, as pulling a car free in between lions can be even too much adventure even for us. Rest assured; the entire team will always be there from start to finish. Overall, Southern Africa means amazing safari destinations, perfect for game-drives but is also a blend of unique habitats, incredible cultures, and a nature spectacle second to none, and when this is all experienced through the windscreen of “your” Porsche then we dare to invite you to the “one of one“club.

Trans Series means there are sure to be more challenges than on a “normal” Beyond Adventure but when you “receive the invitation”, it is because we know you can handle it. We will adapt to “Africa time” so some flexibility will be needed as we will see how far we can push the boundaries. We may need to find alternative routes if the rivers are too deep or the sand too soft… which can result in very long days… Just like getting stuck and having to find solutions are just a part of the planned program.

Starting out in Namibia to get adapted smoothly to Africa and the way of driving there, expect to cross the most amazing nature spectacle from the beginning with unbelievable views. Gradually the animal sightings begin. Angola is “new” on the possible list of countries to visit, and we take this opportunity, not just because it is possible, this is in many regards virgin land so better join now before its beauty gets known to the rest of the world. Here the accommodation standard is not the greatest, but that is easily made up for by real African authenticity. Angola is a country marked by decades of civil war but is finally at peace and going through a dramatic but welcome rebirth and this you get to experience safely in “your” Porsche. We will make a quick return to Namibia, followed by short but amazing visits to Zambia and Zimbabwe, before the journey takes us to Botswana, showcasing abundant wildlife including the Big Five, the mysterious Makgadikgadi pans and the famous Okavango delta wetlands as a fly-in option.

The route is far from a normal tourist trip, but our local partners joining the entire trip have years of experience travelling the entire region, including Angola, so we are in good hands all the way. The finish of the Trans-Africa 2024 experience will be unique and something very few will ever experience. The area we will pass is so special that the locals would not show it to us at the location check, so we require your trust here.

The rally will be a mix of convoys, liaisons, and classic rally stages so you can explore the freedom of driving through Africa in “your” Porsche in your own pace. We do request that everyone tries to follow the timing during the classic rally style stages as timing is vital during those stages.

There may be times when you will need to carry your own luggage if the hotel does not offer this service, as the team will need to prepare the cars and timing for the following day. There will be days where we need to change timing due to weather and car issues, but this just adds to the entire Trans-Africa experience.

For cost, we work on the cost share basis with an open calculation as we normally do for Trans-Series Adventures.

The following principles are used: We calculate 70,000 EUR as overheads for the entire planning shared evenly between all participants (includes overall planning, back-office planning and location check). All other costs will be at cost (staff, logistics, cars and food/accommodation) plus 15% commission for Beyond Adventure. The result is a reduced price, but Africa is an expensive continent when you demand unique experiences.

Currently the estimate price including everything (except tips and alcohol) is 66.911 EUR incl a car from us. This is based on 14 adventures of you joining. If you bring your own car then we will calculate a special price for you.

See you soon and we are reachable for all questions!

Day 1

26.08.2024 Arrival Windhoek

We need to meet up early morning at Hosea Kutako International Airport just outside Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, situated in the country’s central highlands. Here you will be welcomed by our team who will assist you to get on a small charter plane is taking you to Sossusvlei where the rest of the team and Porsche will finally greet you at the small airstrip.

After a light lunch it is all about getting to know the cars, team, the route in more detail, including last minute updates and of course orientation with your vehicle and all its equipment. In addition, we will introduce you to some easy “self-help” solutions and important emergency procedures necessary for tackling a Trans- Africa. Enjoy your first African sunset of this adventure followed by a welcome dinner in true Namibian fashion.

If you prefer to arrive earlier in Namibia with additional days to adjust to the African time zone, please let us know well in advance so that we may secure the necessary bookings.


Day 2


We start in style – with a very early hot air balloon ride overlooking the vast dunes of Sossusvlei followed by a champagne breakfast. After your return from this mind-conditioning experience enjoy some activities the lodge offers, make use of the spa or simply relax by the pool.

Early afternoon we do the first short but hard drive as we enter the Sossusvlei national park, an area characterized by having some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, some towering over 300m. This is done to ensure all is fine with the cars before we set out in the wilderness tomorrow. Sossusvlei is in the middle of what is known as the Namib Sand Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will drive as close to the dunes as are we are able and allowed to, and we then on foot to the famous “valley of dead trees”, Deadvlei. Take in the surroundings and enjoy the tranquility that the Namib Desert has to offer.

On the way back a special sundowner is planned. Dinner will be a local Braai (Barbeque) before we set off for real in our Porsches tomorrow. The mechanical team will do the final adjustments, so all is set for tomorrow.

Distance: 137 KM


Day 3


As we have a relatively short drive today, we can sleep a bit longer to get rid of the last jetlag or enjoy the sunrise before the real driving adventure starts. We get into the cars and navigate our way into the vast remoteness of Namibia where a mix of tarmac and gravel roads are on the menu.

Your first stage finish point is at the edge of the Namib Desert, where a specialist team is awaiting us. They will be guiding us in our cars via very challenging sand dunes to the Trans Africa Camp where a sundowner and great local food, far away from civilization, is waiting.

The drive today is the warm-up for the next weeks of experiences and don’t forget to look at the sky tonight as this will be something truly unforgettable and amazing. Your personal tent/bed and sleeping gear will be your shelter for the night before the action kicks into gear tomorrow.

282 KM

Day 4


Wake up surrounded by dunes and surely colder than you expect! We start early to get the harder “morning- sand” to drive on. And NEVER Park uphill in the dunes unless you want to work with your shovel, or as the support team to help you.

We also need to start early as today will be a challenge, so we need the time for this very special day. We have obtained the permits to cross the dunes all the way
to the Atlantic Ocean normally not possible. This will be a real driving challenge as we will conquer an area normally not visited by any Porsche. But our support team will ensure a safe crossing. Here there will be options to “play” in the dunes if this is something for you!

At the Shelton coast some of the most iconic shipwrecks await us. When reaching the Atlantic, keep your eyes open as the plankton draw large numbers of aquatic life including seals, dolphins, and whales to name only a few. We “hopefully” reach Walvis Bay’s lagoon, a protected site and bird sanctuary which boasts over 88 different species and up to 250,000 birds at any given time.

Our destination for the night is virtually isolated and uniquely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and not easy to reach to. Expect to need assistance to get to the lodge, and yes you will hear the call of jackals while they wander the area and don’t forget to listen to the sounds of over 100,000 seals interacting with each other and enjoy the “fresh” sea breeze – an evening to remember – fragranced by the wonderful sea-aroma!

The last two days was a journey into the unknown as this is on the edge of what is possible, so be prepared for last minute changes and possible delays, this is the reason why we do Trans-Africa!

Distance: 160 KM


Day 5


Today we have a well-deserved slow start. After conquering a difficult sand stretch in convoy, you will drive some smooth tarmac and salt roads passing by Swakopmund before the next stages of adventure begins. The first stage finish point is literally in the middle of Nowhere. From here we jointly head towards the Zebra Canyon where the colorful rock formations will take your breath away. But this is just the beginning…

We will slowly work our way through the riverbeds that are frequently visited by desert adapted wildlife. Once again this is right on the limit of what our cars can handle, so “be gentle is its rental”. Today you will again feel the remote roughness of Namibia but when we reach the destination all will be forgotten and since being in one of the driest places on the planet the swimming pool will be a welcome sight.

Distance: 424 KM


Day 6


You might have completed many unique driving experiences in your life, but when was the last time you followed a dried-out riverbed in a Porsche for 120 km? Yes, and this with a golden opportunity to see the desert elephants and rhinos and many other species. Most of the route is on sand, so you will need to keep going to avoid getting stuck and this with the lions close by, so this call for convoy with no time target so the team can assist you if any issues occur.

When the river ends you will hit some of the best gravel road you can imagine and speed will increase significantly and further enhance on the near straight 200 km tarmac road that awaits…At the end point you can finally relax in one of the best lodges on the trip… and you can even extend your break to two days if you don’t feel like going game driving tomorrow!

Distance: 425 KM

Day 7


We will be up before first light to experience the game in the picturesque Etosha National Park from “your” Porsche. Guided if desired by our rangers, you will explore the fauna and flora the park has to offer. Etosha’s main characteristic is a salt pan so large it can be seen from space, but the true attraction is, of course, its elite wildlife with over 100 species of animals calling it home. This is not a rally stage, but a stage you will never forget still. The afternoon can be used to seek out more wildlife, or a welcomed visit to the spa for your soul… it is fully up to you but regardless of your choices, after a day of wonder, there is finally some time to relax back at the lodge. You can also choose to make your way to an underground viewing point to get eye-to-eye with the animals!

Distance: 0-100 KM (OPTIONAL)

Day 8


Today a short driving day offers you a choice; rise early with the animals and explore the numerous waterholes or enjoy a slow morning at the lodge. By now you are adapted to Africa, so the game-drive will be done all by yourself, but with our team always close by. This “free time” where you simply can take a Porsche and chase the wildlife as long as you don’t try to outrun the cheetahs. Our accommodation for this night is situated within the park on the top of Dolomite Hill overlooking the vast savanna below, with a waterhole attracting animals from far away. Alone this view is worth the entire drive so far.

Distance: 192 KM

Day 9


It is imperative that we have an early start as today we have a long drive and must cross into Angola. It will be a long day including a real African border crossing. We drive a short gravel stage to exit Etosha before we hit the tarmac road straight to the border. Fixers will have prepared the border for our arrival and like most African border crossings, you always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Hopefully after a few checks and stamps, you enter Angola in “your” now dusty and partially worn Porsche. Angola is a country forgotten by tourists but not by true adventurers like us. Our Angola guide of German origin have lived 25 years in Angola and will be our safe for all issues.

Some roads are not what most people call roads – so be prepared! This will be a real adventure! After the border enjoy an amazing stretch of gravel road with fantastic natural scenery and a landscape of trees. You will also notice the different style of village buildings in Angola compared to those seen so far, as the wooden huts blend naturally into the scenery. Travelers in general have not passed by here much but never has a Porsche passed and the locals offer many friendly smiles. Beware of all the goats, cows and donkeys that can cross the roads at any time. Our destination for the night is Lubango, the capital city of the Huila Province. It is one of the highest cities in Angola at almost 1,800m above sea level and is situated close to the edge of what is known as the “Great Escarpment”. Once we get close you will feel the real African buzz with all its people. Here there are no top-level accommodation, but it is comfortable and the best available in the area, and all the smiling people makes you focus on something else.

Distance: 642 KM

Day 10


Today, in the morning enjoy a late breakfast, and if you are up for it, join us on our 2 different loops created as an unforgettable convoy drive to the Tundavala Gap and Leba Pass or alternatively stay at the resort and relax or simply enjoy the town.

The routes have been planned to showcase the enormous diversity that Angola has to offer. Although just a taste, the panoramic scenery, winding roads, and contrasting culture you will see will surely leave you wanting more. Late morning we head out on the first loop in the Porsches and climb to over 2,000 meters, where we will visit the Tundavala Gap. Known for its awe-inspiring views and rich bird life, if you are patient, you could spot five of the 28 endemic bird species that call Angola home.

For lunch we are back at the resort before we start our second loop drive, exiting Lubango to the west via Humpata to the start of the Leba Pass. This 28-kilometre winding pass will take us approximately 1,200 metres down to the coastal plains below. Blink and you will miss the almost hidden waterfalls cascading off the edge of the Great Escarpment.

The informal market at the foot of the pass are a true African experience and worth a stop. We will in addition stop at a traditional village situated close by. You will meet and experience a tribe with its rich culture and traditions almost untouched by the modern world.

Once we are back underway you notice the immediate change in terrain as we cross the coastal plains toward the recently rebuilt Portuguese railway before we reach the resort again for a well-deserved dinner.

Distance: 0-240 KM (OPTIONAL)

Day 11


After a more relaxed day yesterday, we start out early today. Be prepared for the longest driving day on this Trans-Africa journey. First, we need to get out of the buzzing city of Lubango during rush hour. Once out of the city, you get on a very good tarmac road for a few hours where the Porsche can ‘straighten their legs’ a bit heading directly east.

You will be surprised how little traffic there is, while collecting a variety of impressions of Angola’s beautiful natural scenery and passing through many small villages where locals sell their fresh products.

Once we reach Menongue we turn again south towards the Namibian border and soon the road will turn into a real gravel challenge, and it will get wild! As sun starts setting and there is a lack of any type of accommodation option in this part of the world, tonight is a “wild camping” experience.

The night will be spent under the stars in a remote Trans-Africa camp built just for us on the banks of the Cubango River. Again, your private tent and camp gear await you. True adventure in the middle of Angola.

Distance: 720 KM

Day 12


Angola is a country of contrasts with much to offerfor the true adventurer and we have had only a taste of what this beautifully diverse country can share with us. Today we again challenge the shock absorbers of the Porsches on old gravel roads which has barely been maintained for the last 10 years. We enter Namibia at the border post of Katwitwi where ou fixers will have once again prepared the borders for our arrival but always remember: “This is Africa- so you never know”.

After crossing into Namibia, it is into top gear and full speed ahead as we need to put kilometers behind us. We drive into the Kavango region of Namibia where you will notice that the people here have a very colorful culture, but western influence has resulted in some amusing names for the shebeens (local bars) that can be seen along the roadside. The area is communal farmland which means there are no fences, so keep a sharp eye out for people, speedbumps, and domestic animals.

Our night will be spent again on the banks of the mighty river that feeds the delta. The Angolans call it the Cubango, the Namibians the Kavango and in Botswana it is known as the Okavango River.

This night is the last of “average” lodging we will have, but trust us it is the best available, so from now on it is not only the cars, roads and nature that deliver wow-effect also our accommodations.

Distance: 480 KM

Day 13


Today we point the Porsche further east, traversing the narrow Caprivi Strip. There will be plenty of action as we first run though the Bwabwata National Park and then head towards Chobe National Park. We will have a few border crossings today but some so small that they become an experience you have surely never had. As by now we know that border crossings can take time in Africa, the second part of the day will be done in convoy without timing due to the border crossings.

The Caprivi Strip is a gateway through national Parks so be alert to the possibility of wild animals crossing. If you are lucky, the Caprivi is home to packs of wild dogs which are often seen taking advantage of the clear grassland next to the main road to hunt their prey. You will pass many villages of the Kavango people who live from whatever the land and river provide.

We leave the cars behind so the mechanics can give them a big check-over and the last kilometres today will be done by boat among big herds of elephants and hippos before we arrive at a smallest border crossing. We will enjoy a sundowner river cruise before the long but very special day is over. And yes, dinner and tales from the locals are still on the menu.

Distance: 440 KM

Day 14


Don’t close the curtains as the most amazing sunrise is right in front of your villa this morning. And you need to make a very hard choice… Will you go back to mainland and take “your” Porsche into Chobe and Linyanti National Parks where again big herds of elephants, giraffes, and hippos’ rule. This over hard terrain not made for our cars if they were not specially prepared. Or simply take a well-deserved break-day on the deck of your villa and see the animal kingdom in front of your eyes while your heart beats more and more free with every breath you take? Life if full of hard choice when joining Trans-Africa 2024.

Distance: 0-280 KM (OPTIONAL)

Day 15


Let’s start the engines and head deeper into real Africa and in a spectacular way! We aim for Victoria Falls and enter Zimbabwe with our Porsches – “enjoying a bit of Africa time” at the border crossing.

There is almost too much to do in this area, but we will have the morning available to enjoy the town Victoria Falls and take lunch at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel. After lunch, there is time to do some African shopping before we, by foot, leave Victoria Falls behind us and cross the mighty bridge and enter Livingstone, Zambia. Don’t worry your luggage and you will be shuttled!

The cars stay back with the mechanics for more check-over and rebuild. It is also to save 3-4 hours of waiting time the customs into Zambia for just 5 km of driving.

Distance: 86 KM
Location: AVANI

Day 16


Wake up to the sight of zebras wandering around the hotel grounds with the spray of the Victoria Falls in the background. After long days of driving, leaving the cars in Zimbabwe means everything is done on foot, microlite or helicopter today!

The Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of falling water and it is twice the width and height of the Niagara Falls. We will enjoy lunch on a tiny island in the middle of the falls. For those who dare, take a swim in the devil’s pool on the very edge of the falls: an experience not soon forgotten. The afternoon is for you to follow the footsteps of David Livingstone, explore the Victoria Falls and the surrounding area as he did. The legendary waterfall offers breathtaking views that are almost too spectacular and majestic to describe. Optionally take a stroll and view the falls from another perspective or take either the “Flight of Angels” or microlight to view this marvel from above.

For the more adventurous, bungee jump from the bridge or challenge the mighty Zambezi as part of a whitewater rafting experience. This and so much more is possible here.

Distance: 0 KM
Location: AVANI

Day 17


We start today by being shuttled back to Zimbabwe to our freshly checked Porsches. From here we will head towards our last border crossing when re-entering Botswana where a stretch of wide-open straight tarmac road south along the Chobe National Park is waiting you. Be ready to slow down for elephants crossing the road please!

Destination: Makgadikgadi Pans. Before drying out, Makgadikgadi was the largest inland lake in Africa
and today it’s one of the largest salt flats in the world. Driving there is like crossing an ocean but on wheels, navigating from one island to the next. A totally unique experience island hopping, in now dusty warn-out Porsches, between the baobab islands.

The destination for the night is so special and therefore secret that we don’t have the coordinates. But your Trans-Africa camp gear is awaiting you at this late arrival. This location you will surely never forget we promise you. The sundowner surrounded by fire with the baobab silhouettes is one for the memory book. Again, look up! No light pollution means you will see the real sky.

We might face some issues with the wet grounds during our drive, but in true adventure style, we will also overcome that.

Distance: 490 KM

Day 18


Today the Porsche will be our “shuttle” on a loop around the pans. We will pass by the meerkats family made famous by Sir David Attenborough, but keep your eyes open for wildlife including elephants, hyenas, and lions! Out on the pans the remoteness will be loud, and you can see the curvature of our planet earth.

Heading back towards the edge of the pans for lunch and some time to reflect on the last weeks on immense adventure and mind-blowing nature overlooking the pans is needed before the grand final dinner at Sans camp.

Big fires celebrate that we had yet another amazing experience with similar minded crazy modern explorers… and can say “See you in Australia”!

Distance: 110 KM
Location: SAN CAMP

Day 19


Now again you must take on the hard task of choosing. Do you leave your beloved, but by now tired Porsche behind and opt for some extra days in the Okavango delta? Or is it time to head back to Maun and fly home?

If you go for the extension and wish to extend your stay with even more Safari action and to relax, a private scenic flight will take you directly from the San Camp into the heart of the Okavango Delta to one of the recommended lodges. Relax there for as long as you wish.  Our local partners will handle everything for you.

Alternatively drive with the team back to Maun where the home journey begins either way Your internal memory card is surely 100% full.

Additional Days in the Okavango Delta

We have carefully selected a range of beautiful lodges for your consideration, allowing you to continue your African experience in the Okavango Delta beyond the Trans-Africa adventure.

In order to ensure a seamless and gratifying extension of your stay, we have already identified a number of lodges and are pleased to present you a choice of 2 or 3-night packages, incl. a private flight directly from Sans Camp to your preferred lodge and back to Maun, where you will depart for your return journey. These handpicked lodges provide unparalleled experiences, breathtaking natural surroundings, and heartfelt hospitality that perfectly complement your African odyssey.

To proceed with booking additional nights at one of our handpicked lodges, we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible, as all lodges incl. flights are subject to availability.

Lodge Selection and Price Indications on the right side. Final prices will be confirmed on individual booking requests.


North Island
6.415 USD* / 9.180 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 3

6.284 USD* / 9.049 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 7

Duke’s Camp
4.185 USD* / 5.835 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 8



Vumbura Plains
8.629 USD* / 12.459 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 14

8.629 USD* / 12.459 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 7

10.661 USD* / 15.507 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 8


6.718 USD* / 9.658 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 8

Little Vumbura
6.849 USD* / 9.789 USD**
Total Number of rooms – 6

* Price p. person sharing a double room for 2 nights incl. flights ** Price p. person sharing a double room for 3 nights incl. flights.

Trans-Africa is:

  • Adventure pure
  • Wildlife up close
  • Empty corners
  • Colourful busy areas
  • Unparallel freedom
  • Being the only one doing this in a Porsche

Trans-Africa is not:

  • Always fast internet
  • Easy and soft highways
  • EU border crossings
  • Cold and rainy
  • When you won’t get stock and have car issues

Additional Information


19 days ~ 5.500 km | August 26 – September 13, 2024


We offer the full range of cars:

Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS Manual
Porsche 911 (996) KALMAR RS-6 Manual
Porsche Cayman R KALMAR RS-C PDK
Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS
Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS-R

Alternatively Your own Porsche Safari car.
There is also the option to swap between cars if we can find a good rotation.


1 expedition leader (Jan Kalmar) , 1-2 local guides, 2 mechanics, 1 paramedic, 1 organization.

Price per person

Price per person: 66.911 EUR
(sharing a car and in double room)

Final price is based on a full transparent cost share Basis. We calculate for overheads 70.000 EUR for the planning (includes overall planning, back-office planning, and recce). All other costs will be at cost (staff, logistics, cars and food/accommodation) plus 5% buffer and 15% commission for Beyond Adventure. The final accounting will be done 6 weeks after the event (depending on the car situation).

Single Room Surcharge 11.000 EUR per person Cayenne Surcharge 6.000 EUR per person.


• Specially prepared Safari Porsche
• Full information package
• Team and trip preparation
• Vehicles and team transport to start point and back from finish point
• Top class accommodation
• All meals and drinks
• Snacks
• Daily lunch packs
•  Mechanic/Paramedic
• All none-damage related maintenance
• Fully equipped Mechanic/Paramedic car carrying spares/extra tires and other emergency equipment
• Selected spare parts
• Support cars
• Fuel
• 24-hour back-office GPS surveillance of all vehicles

• Safety plans
• Travel insurance with recovery
• Third-party insurance and road tax
• Global satellite phone and text service
• Wi-fi where GSM allows
• Navigation support
• Shuttle from and to airports
• Luggage carrying of 60 l in addition to the 100 l luggage in the cars.


• Flights to Windhoek International Airport and from Maun Airport
• Special car modifications if requested
• Extra transport cost if finish point is not reached due to crash
• Compensation if the finish point is not reached
• Accident Damages excess fee
• Alcohol
• Visa service


Please note the visa requirements for the countries visited as they vary depending on nationality: Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Please check for your individual visa requirements to enter with your local embassies. If you require assistance with any visa processes,we are pleased to offer our support and guidance.


As we cross many borders you will receive numerous stamps in your passport. Please make sure that your passport has minimum of 8 clean pages available and is valid for minimum 6 months before departure.

Vaccinations and Malaria

Please check for your individual vaccinations to enter Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe with your doctors. Please check with your local doctor about antimalarial medicine recommendations. We will always have local mosquito repellent with us. Our paramedic will carry Coartem, a medicine you get from your doctor if you get malaria (it’s like an antibiotic for malaria).


If you would like to have assistance with flight bookings and/or additional days at arrival or departure, please let us know.

If you wish to book additional pre-nights in Windhoek (recommended is Omaanda Lodge) and would like assistance with an add-on program in the Okavango Delta please let us know asap.

The time of the year is high season and for 2024 bookings are already very high. In case of any food allergies and preferences we will do our best to fulfill the requirements but in some locations, it cannot always be guaranteed that a right selection is available.

The Cars – Your Choice

What suits you best and what are you most comfortable in? Choose between our hard tested Beyond Adventure fleet of safari rally inspired Porsche. Let us know which you prefer, or team up with another team and swap cars when you like.

The sports cars have rear roll-cage, sports seats, higher suspension with rally shock absorbers, larger special gravel tires and full under-body protection. Special spare tire holder and of course the coolbox behind the seats (not the Cayman). The Cayennes with lifted suspension and larger than original tires. Full underbody protection, roof rack, fridge, and recovery gear to make even the most difficult stages possible.

We will use modern tablet navigation so you will never be lost, just like we have our satellite-based safety system with many needed functions.

Read more about the models

Available cars ready for a new team:

KALMAR RS #0 ‘Shit’
(Porsche 964)

KALMAR RS #3 ‘Rising Sun’
(Porsche 993)

KALMAR CS #1 ‘Comic’
(Porsche Cayenne E2)

KALMAR RS #2 ‘Martini’
(Porsche 993)

KALMAR CS #2 ‘Map’
(Porsche Cayenne E2)

(Porsche Cayenne E1)

KALMAR RS-6#0 ‘Dakar’
(Porsche 996)

KALMAR RS-C #0 ‘Frog’


‘Black Forest’ (Porsche 964)

‘Red Dot’ (Porsche 964)

‘Zebra’ (Porsche Cayenne E2)

In case of additional questions, feel free to contact our General Manager via WhatsApp.