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More than you dare

Ground clearance

20 cm

Beyond Adventure CS

The All-Terrain Explorer

The CS stands for Cayenne Special and is built on the second-generation Cayenne.

The purpose-built Beyond Adventure CS is like no other overland explorer, created to take its driver and passengers anywhere, in any weather condition. The impressive model currently holds the North Cape to Cape Agulhas World Record, having travelled between the two locations non-stop in less than nine days. Also winning stages during the Intercontinental Rally Dakar from Spain to Dakar in Senegal, the CS can withstand the harshest terrains and the most severe weather conditions. The Beyond Adventure CS proves time and time again that it’s capable and dependable in environments where reliability and off-road performance are as vital as water and air.

Capable of succeeding in perilous tours off the beaten track while still retaining its on-road comfort, the agility level of the Beyond Adventure CS can take its occupants as far as they dare to go off-road, as well as being a perfectly enjoyable day-to-day car.

With the bespoke nature of the build process, the Beyond Adventure team takes pride in the adaptability of the Beyond Adventure CS’ specifications, dependent on the client’s vision. With a wide range of varying features possible such as a lifted suspension set-up, stripped interior for weight reduction, or even a full luxury interior with the best quality leather and a bespoke design, this ultimate explorer can take on any landscape yet keep its original on-road comfort part with its original Porsche DNA separating this from near all other off-roaders.

Beyond Adventure has a team of in-house craftspeople and countless specialist suppliers on-hand to make the dream a reality through an intensive process of design, development, testing and production. The Beyond Adventure CS has been developed to help the adventurer write their own stories, each one built by hand at Beyond Adventure’s HQ.

With infinite design and engineering specification options, car configuration at Beyond Adventure is much more than just an online tool, it’s a conversation with the team to understand exactly what each owner would like to realise from their specific car. Involved from start to finish, a bespoke car with a truly unique process, the team also offers the opportunity to test a Beyond Adventure CS before buying, either in off-roading conditions at the Beyond Adventure HQ, or, for those who wish to venture further afield, on one of Beyond Adventure’s epic automotive experiences.

The Exterior

Retaining the classic exterior shape of the Porsche Cayenne, subtle modifications are added to ensure maximum useability for these overland adventures, including larger off-road tyres and a lifted suspension. Durability is enhanced by its Beyond Adventure-developed special underbody protection. More obvious to the eye is the roof rack (for spare tyres), and additional lighting, which adds both materialistic and necessary aspects as it offers visual appeal and enhances the CS’ off-road night driving ability.

A standalone in the supreme off-road SUV market, the Beyond Adventure team takes pride in the adaptability of the Beyond Adventure CS’ specifications, all dependent on the client’s vision. From a cost-effective standard conversion to supplying a fully converted vehicle with extreme weight saving and bespoke axel locks, the icing on the cake is the customer gets to choose a unique livery for the ultimate 4×4, available for any level of Beyond Adventure conversion, each created by the Beyond Adventure design team.

The Interior

The interior is where the bespoke element of the build can truly take flight. Care is needed when selecting the original car, as the interior set-up is important in creating each individual build. Factory options must always be taken into consideration, such as the adaptive front sports seats with ventilation, perfectly sculpted for excellent lateral support without compromising on comfort – a crucial component when travelling long distances in sweltering conditions for a dynamic driving experience.

Perhaps ‘standard’ isn’t included in the vocabulary for some looking for an extraordinary car, and this is where the options become limitless. Together with the expert designers on hand at Beyond Adventure, the interior can be as luxurious as a bespoke full leather set-up with unique stitching and colour combinations or optionally as raw as a stripped-back race car, saving over 250 kg from the passenger compartment alone – the details are there to be explored and uncovered.

The Technical Specifications

Limited in its range of factory overland off-road upgrades available for the original Cayenne model, the team at Beyond Adventure has therefore gone back to basics and developed an entire range of possibilities, all completely in-house. Investing a huge amount of time and resource into suspension capabilities as well, its team of passionate engineers has succeeded in creating the perfect mix of comfort and performance.

A bespoke lifted long stroke suspension set-up working in harmony with the strongly recommended air suspension offers up to ten centimetres of extra ground clearance above the original specification, created from a combination of bigger tyres, spaced subframes and bespoke lifted shock absorbers, still adaptive with PASM. The CS blends on-road features with off-road capabilities, resulting in an eye-catching car that delivers on every ounce of the visual promise – and is still a dream to drive on the paved road. Believing in the well-proven factory-fitted air suspension that provides the right thing in nearly all conditions, the Beyond Adventure CS lift achieves an impressive 22 cm and above of total ground clearance – all controlled from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Throughout the entire process, keeping true to the car’s original comfort and straight-line performance is of utmost importance, while still being able to ensure that the car’s off-road capabilities are greatly improved. The highly developed and already-proven mechanical drivetrain is left untouched (bar the ride height) to avoid any possible reliability issues. Tested by the team on adventure after adventure, the Beyond Adventure CS is the ultimate explorer, and not for the faint-hearted.


There is no limit as to how far the Beyond Adventure Safari Range specifications can go, and how extreme the climates are that it can venture.

The Beyond Adventure CS provides a range of options for customers due to its unprecedented combination of both on- and off-road capabilities. A car that delivers plenty of performance on-road, but where top speed and acceleration rate are secondary to the ‘smiles per miles’, the CS’ off-road performance will keep impressing. This is a car that will keep adding chapters to the book of every owner’s adventures.

Standard Equipment

  • Beyond Adventure-tuned standard engine
  • Full six to eight mm aluminium with cooling holes and air guides for vital underbody parts
  • Removal of plastic underbody panels
  • Mechanical lift kit
  • Internally designed air suspension adaptive shock absorbers with functional PASM
  • Roof rack with platform for two spare tyres
  • Roof-mounted LED Light bar
  • ABS Switch

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Beyond Adventure CS

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Beyond Adventure CS
Underbody protection Suspension Safari gear Interior / weight reductions

Underbody protection

  • Full six to eight mm aluminium with cooling holes and air guides for vital underbody parts
  • Removal of plastic underbody panels


  • Extended removal of lower front and rear bumper


  • Mechanical lift kit
  • Internally designed air suspension adaptive shock absorbers with functional PASM


  • Suspension bush check-up
  • Upgraded suspension arms

Safari gear

  • Roof rack with platform for two spare tyres
  • Roof-mounted LED Light bar
  • ABS Switch


  • Refrigerator
  • 17-inch wheels and all-terrain tyres (only V6 models)
  • Additional tanks

Interior / weight reductions

  • Fully stripped interior with cargo area in rear and new Recaro off-road seats
  • Lightweight battery